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bsnes v069 Released

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bsnes, an accuracy focused multi-platform Super NES emulator has been updated today. Here is what's new in this release:


  • added new effect toggle tool window, which allows toggling of BG/OAM graphics layers and DSP audio channels
  • added an option to use the native OS file and folder open dialogs instead of my custom browser
  • added a new state selection window
  • added frame skipping support, which is only used during fast forwarding; as a result, fast forward is now ~80% faster
  • removed unnecessary icons, added workaround for checkbox/radiobox menu icons on Linux/GNOME
  • added RTS/CTS support to serial simulation
  • all cores: OAM high table even address writes should update OAM latch data register [blargg]
  • accuracy core: major improvements to mosaic emulation
  • accuracy core: added additional hardware-based caching, resulting in a ~15% speed boost
  • accuracy core: emulated CGRAM address invalidation for writes during active display
  • performance core: added new S-PPU renderer, resulting in a ~10% speed bost

Project Page: http://byuu.org/

News Source: http://www.vtemulation.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=540

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070 is out as well, hit the same day

* configuration file is now called bsnes-qt.cfg; the first run of this release will start with a clean state

* MSU1 now supports audio looping via new PCM file format

* disabled state load/save menu due to a serious bug in Qt 4.6.0 for Windows

* RawInput: all keyboards merged to KB0, it should no longer be required to reconfigure the keyboard out-of-the-box

* RawInput: fixed a bug where Xbox 360 controller states were being overwritten by DirectInput controllers

* RawInput: fixed a device sorting bug caused by moving ruby to Unicode

* Direct3D: fixed a pixel shader bug caused by moving ruby to Unicode

* Linux port: fixed sudo make install target

* Linux port: default to gcc/g++ instead of gcc-4.5/g++-4.5 for one last release

* updated to mightymo's 2010-09-20 cheat pack

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