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endless search for the name of a game


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I'm desperate. I think I searched all the internet for a fun arcade beat 'em up sidescroller I played ~1994/1995. I spend my whole last night in an dertermined attempt to finally find it but failed thouroughly. Maybe you guys&gals can help me:


It' quite similar to the really famous beat 'em ups like Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Sengoku, Double Dragon, Captain Commando etc etc. (especially similar to Final Fight and Streets of Rage with regard to the setting and look):


- The characters were color-coded (red/blue/green) with the green one being an old guy I think. You could pick up weapons of course, even a bazooka with one shot I think.

- The boss of the first level was two huge samurais or some kind of suits of samurai armor (memory being a bit cloudy)

- A later level was a big tower, cleaned floor after floor, with a boss on the highest floor sitting on a mat before you disturb him (cloudy cloudy memory ^^)

- You pursued the bad guy to a hideout in a cutscene, with jetskies I think. The hideout was one of the last levels (I never made it further) with massive amounts of enemies coming at you from all sides.

- The arcade station was in netherland (vlissingen), having other rather famous titles around, so I thought it was rather famous too, but I came over the same beat and ups again and again without finding this one ....


Big Thanks for any help, ciao.

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