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Final Burn Legends 1.0 Released!


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Our very own nes6502 (better known for his port of Zsnes) has released a port of Final burn Alpha to xbox.


As the read me is enormous, here is a select few from the list:


-Support for over 2700 games. Some games are not playable anywhere else

on the Xbox. It also has an excellent Sega Genesis emulator. Many

Genesis games play perfectly.


-Fullspeed emulation (even with software filters in HD) for CPS1, CPS2,

NeoGeo, Cave, Konami, and many other games.


-Detailed arcade information. This is the MAME history database. This

can be selected from the in game emulation menu. This includes

information about the game, trivia, tips, etc...


-In game menu where the user can configure the controls, video, or other

options. This is accessed by clicking the right analog stick.


-Hundreds of game filters. A user can display only the games they want.

For example, a user could display only horizontal shooters, or 2D

fighting games, or only CPS1, or only games made by Konami, or only

games made in 1998, etc...


-Favorites browser (games are added/deleted by selecting a game and

pressing the white button)








-Macro support.


-Video previews


The release thread can be found here. Unfortunately, due to the nature of xbox binaries, we cannot post a link directly to FBAL itself.

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