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first off, i'd just like to say that i'm extremely impressed by the innovation and effort put into this project.


but i have some things that i would like in a new version, should anyone pick up this project.





-more fps with detail


-better zoom feature, so that the zoomed screen can be resized to various dimensions


-make game mode use whichever controls were used before (screenwise) it normally default to acting like it's zoomed in, while i found that the best control

scheme for gaming is full screen with reletive mouse option.


-while playing games (pc games on full screen, webgames seem to work) i can only control the mouse and the mouse buttons with the DS, none of the keyboard controls work when set to a button. FIX IT


-the onscreen keyboard only really works when in a textbox or address bar or something, it should be able to translate the keypresses to general actions on the pc (lets say a pause button was esc, it should be activated when pressing esc on the onscreen keyboard)

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