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Trying to play Chi no Rondo on Ootake


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Well, with Daemon Tools, it's as simple as installing the program (creates an extra CD/DVD drive in Windows - hence "virtual"), and after installing, start DT (if not already running), click on the tray icon, and click on Device [X:] --> Mount Image.


Unmounting goes the same way. Then again, everything I've told you can be found in the DT manual.


Mount the CUE file, otherwise you won't get background music if you just mount the image file directly (because, it just mounts the image and not any additional tracks or sessions). If you get an error along the lines that something is wrong with the CUE file, then DT can't find the image file that the CUE is describing. If this happens, edit the CUE file by hand so that the first line (the one that deals with the disc image file itself) points directly to the file, with no paths or anything of that sort.


If the CUE file doesn't describe the WAV audio tracks at all, then you have a problem, because you'd have to type them in into the CUE file by hand.


There are other virtual drive software besides DT, so can try those as well. Alcohol 120% comes to mind.


P.S. What is the other ISO file out of the two? Or is Dracula X a 2-disc game?

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