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NullDC graphic glitch?

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Hi as you can see in the pictures that one angle of the game is perfect but the other isn't. That is what is happening to me in Nulldc while playing Sonic Adventure 2 throughout the whole game so far except the little movies in between. Currently im using Nullpvr because the Chankapvr doesn't work as well. Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it?

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I'm going on a limb here are take a wild guess. You have an integrated graphics chip, most likely by Intel. If this is the case, you can stop trying to get any Dreamcast emulator working properly. If I'm wrong, update your graphics card's drivers. Even if you have an Intel chip, do it anyway.


To check yourself, there's two things you can do:


1) Download GPU-Z. It will tell you all you need to know about your graphics hardware. Google it.

2) Click Start --> Run. Type dxdiag and press Enter. Check the Display tab in the program that runs (DirectX Diagnostics Tool)

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Are you positive it's my card though because Sonic Adventure works perfectly?

From what I've heard and read on the Internet, the latest nullDcC version has some workarounds to counter the problems caused by the lack of features in Intel's chips. However, the way I understand it is that only some games benefit from these workarounds. Apparently/Supposedly, Sonic Adventure is one of them.


No, I don't know exactly which games besides SA work better.

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