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emuControlCenter 0.9.8 STABLE


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ecc, the developer of the titular multi-emulator frontend was kind enough to bring this release to our attention.


The changelog is as follows:


changelog for emuControlCenter 0.9.8


- Platforms added

- Enterprise Systems - Enterprise 64/128

- Commodore Amiga CD32

- Commodore CDTV

- Commodore PET

- COMX WOL Comx-35

- CVT Mega Duck/Cougar Boy

- Hartung Game Master

- Sega Dreamcast VMU

- Sega Naomi

- Sinclair QL


- Small updates/fixes

- Fixed all emulator presets for MESS emulator platforms by adding the %ROM% parameter.

- Merged 'Sharp MZ-700' (mz700) and 'Sharp MZ-1500' (mz1500) into 'Sharp MZ-700/1500' (eccident=mz1500)

- Merged 'Commodore 16' (c16) and 'Commodore Plus/4' (cplus4) into 'Commodore 16/plus4' (eccident=c16plus4)

- Removed .WAV extension for 'Sinclair ZX Spectrum'

- User path corrections for platforms (ECCid):

- gba, gbc, gg, sms, ws, wsc, x68000

- Fixed extensions for 'Texas instruments TI-99'.

- Added extensions

- All CD image platforms all have: ISO, CSO, IMG, BIN, NRG, MDF, MDS, CCD

- Commodore Amiga: ADZ, HDZ

- Micobee Systems - Microbee: COM, SUB, MWB, BAS, BIN, DAT, BEE, Z80, MAC, MCL, ML, Z

- Microkey Primo: BIN

- Added best emulator settings

- Micobee Systems - Microbee

- Updated, the ScummVM default config parameter.

- Updated, the Microbee default config parameter.


- MAME v0.123 to v0.124b


- Whole new scriptsystem (ecc-script folder)

- Added scripts for:

- Atari Jaguar (PT, Project Tempest)

- Cellphone Java (JADmaker)

- Commodore Amiga (winuae)

- Commodore VIC-20 (xvic)

- Laser Disc (daphne)

- Gamepark GP32 (geepee32)

- Nintendo Gamecube (Dolphin)

- Nintendo Pokemon Mini (Minimon)

- Panasonic 3DO (FreeDo)

- Philips CD-I (wcdiemu)

- Sega Dreamcast (NullDC)

- Sega Dreamcast VMU (DirectVMS)

- Sega Saturn (SSF)

- Sony Zinc (ZiNc)

- Including CD-Image mounting with Daemon tools LITE

- Including ZIP support (autounpack option in ecc)


Full changelog that includes past WIP builds, can be seen HERE.

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