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I have decided to look at the burner interface for a bit. I don't usually enjoy WIN32 API programming but some of this is probably overdue!


I have added a context menu to the game selection dialog. Currently this gives the option of playing the game or viewing the game information dialog (see later). I also have a nice new feature planned to go here later which I hope comes off ok.


As mentioned above I have added a game information dialog. This can be accessed via the game selection dialog or the menus when in-game. It contains the following information about a game:


* Preview screenshot or title screenshot (in the games correct aspect ratio read from the driver)

* Pictures of the games flyer, cabinet, marquee, control panel and PCB

* The games roms as read from the driver

* The games history as read from the history.dat database. Some basic formatting is also applied.


The dialog is unicode only at the moment. I'll probably go back and make it work with non-unicode builds though.


I have also expanded the cheat support by merging in iq_132s cheat code. This provides the ability to read cheats in from FBA cheat files, Nebula/Kawaks cheat files or the MAME cheat.dat file. The MAME support is slightly limited but most things work. The code also adds support for more CPUs so more drivers will have cheats. Unfortunately, cheats which require changes to multiple CPUs aren't supported by this code.


I have also added a feature requested by one person on and off for a long time - the ability to auto-switch into full-screen after loading a game from the dialog. Should make at least one person happy!


I plan on simplifying the game selection dialog a bit now (the game information dialog replaces some of it's functions) and maybe adding some new features to it. Then I might start looking at my idea for something to add to the context menu.


Visit Barry Harris' Blog for screenshots:


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