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I almost died today


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"me thinks" is actually 1 word :P


yeah that must have sucked, but It would have been pretty bad for the parents of those kids if they all died(including you).


But apparently some people don't know where they do and where they don't belong :lol:

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today there was an accident where a garbage truck tried to out run a train.

The train hit the back of the truck and the truck spun around and the front hit the train, and it kept spinning up the length of the train... I saw what was left of the garbage truck... there was no back, and no front... the hood was sitting on the ground like 20 feet away, and the cab was all that was left... it was all smashed up none the less..


I dont know the outcome of the driver... but that's a good reason not to try to out run trains...


And good thing you and all the passengers are okay. I knew someone who died in a car accident. She was drunk, and she hit a sign, then lost control, and hit a tree where her air bag deployed, and it broke her neck.

Lets just say you're super lucky.

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if i saw that motherflocking illegal immigrant ... i would have tied his legs to my car and drove him for a mile. these kind of people dont give a flying flock about us. who do they think they are? at least follow the laws in our flocking country if you want to be here. i got no problem with illegal immigrants, but they got to at least respect the innocent people that made the country what it is.

Lynch much?

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