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Possible fix for M33 related problems

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To anyone using 3.51 M33 but experiencing any problems, a remedy seems to be formatting flash1, a partition on your PSP's NAND. Many report that this fixes all of their symptoms.


Unlike that of Dark_AleX's OE series, the installer for M33 may not properly clean out this partition when flashing. Use this formatting application to clear out your flash1 partition and hopefully get your PSP working perfectly. Basically, flash0 contains all the important operating system files, and flash1 just the configuration settings, so there is no real danger in using this, assuming you read the readme and faq properly.


NB: I have not tested this and will have to update to 3.51 M33 before I can confirm whether or not this works. But since there is no harm in formatting flash1 anyway, why not give it a try?

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