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Hotswap, and what to install now?


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The Xbox looks for xboxdash.xbe in the root of C, this in a softmod, should be a launcher that in most cases points to E:\dash\default.xbe which is something like UnleashX by default (Power button) and in the case of a dual dash launcher, xb0xdash.xbe (Eject button).

Though if you have a softmod that has the option of not using a dual dash setup, your launcher *should* always launch the default.xbe wherever it points to.


Unless you have a modchip, the Xbox boots and looks for xboxdash.xbe in the root of C, ALWAYS. So this file should be your softmod launcher, and the true MS dash should be xb0xdash.xbe.


This is dependent on the softmod method you are using, but all the better known ones work this way.


Yeah, it boots the default.xbe but that one is corrupted and boots ms dash rite away. :)

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