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Fairly New To This Emulation Thing...

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Well I recently downloaded Project 64 and 1964. I also downloaded World Driver Championship to see if it would work....long and behold...it didn't start. On Project 64, a little pop-up says,


"Auto Detected Error, Unable to detect microcode settings" and there's just a black backround.


And on 1964 it says, +Not Working+(Ucode Not Supported)



What the hell does this mean? Is the file bad or do i need to download something else? I have a Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Editon, My Card is an nVidia GeForce 6100. So really i need your help please.



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What it means is that particular game isn't working. If it's not working in Pj64 or 1964, it probably doesn't work with any N64 emulator. :S (and no, downloading a different rom of that game won't work, and no, there's nothing you can do.)

You're pretty much out of luck. However, there are many other great games on the N64 that do work just fine with those two emulators.

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