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Super mario Advance English and euro

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What emulator are you using? VBA?


Yea, Is there another one that is better

VBA is better than anything else out there.


Check that there aren't any SAV files for Super Mario Advance that might have gotten corruputed. Also, set savetype in Options --> Emulator to 'Automatic'.

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nope no change still says save data is corrupted

It won't let you play because the savedata is corrupt? Odd. It might be wise to try and find a new rom, along with different region ones too.

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It's not wise to keep the save type on "automatic".


There are two solutions that might work.


First, make sure that there is no existing save file in the folder where the rom is located.


Go into the save type options and choose either

1. SRAM, and 64 save size

2. EEPROM, and 64 save size.


If that doesn't work you may have a bad dump. You should go find another one if the above doesn't work.

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Personally I've never had any trouble with 'Automatic', but neomaster does have a point though.


Secondly, the game should not biatch sbout corruptted SRAM if the are no SRAM asves in any of VBA's folders.

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