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i install the chip and its working like on the website says but a problem on loading up with everything [dvd-rom and hard-drive] being connected it flashes 2 on then off an on the third time it loads but theres nothing loading on the screen -i install it with the hard-drive still connected to the small wire but not with the long grey like cable.please tell me that my xbox is still working.

i'am staying here and waiting 4 a reply,so if there any info u need let me know.

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with the dvd-rom and hard-drive being disconnected it loaded the dash board (xbox logo)when the mod was switch 2 off and when i restart it with the switch set 2 on it loaded the bios screen saying

Flashbios 3.0.1


enable network flashing

load bios from hdd

load bios from cd

unlock hd

lock hd

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