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Ok, so I finally rented the original movie that was made a long time ago. I was expecting some pretty freaky stuff to happen and I was impressed with the movie since it was made during times where hollywood didn't have the finest technology. It wasn't really scary watching. Sure there were a few disturbing scenes but I was fine. After the movie however...


Well you see, after I watch a film it usually sticks in the back of my mind for a few days. Having seen the Exorcist I kept thinking about how in the movie an innocent girl becomes possessed out of no where and the doctors keep thinking it is some kind of mental flaw. Then I think about how that could happen in real life where something abnormal happens to someone but doctors mistake it for something else. To make matters worse, i've seen before on the discovery channel or something about real exorcism that was performed to people that had demons inside them.


Also, I think about the other side of the story. Sometimes people do behave erractically say do to a mental illness like severe seizures and stuff that superstitious people might mistake for possession. I also read in the news once that a boy was killed after his family tried to perform an exorcism on him when he suddenly broke out in weird speech at a church altar.


Finally, I wonder sometimes if this stuff is actually true. If it happened, what would you do? This is the kind of stuff that freaks me out. The whole idea has been bothering me for a few nights but I think im okay now.


What do you think?

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