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Compiling FBA

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Hey, I'm getting this error compiling;




...src/burn/cave/d_dfeveron.cpp src/burn/cave/d_esprade.cpp

src/burn/cave/d_uopoko.cpp src/burn/cave/d_guwange.cpp src/burn/misc/taito_68k/

d_rainbow.cpp src/burn/misc/taito_68k/d_opwolf.cpp src/burn/misc/taito_68k/d_ras

tan.cpp src/burn/misc/taito_68k/d_twinhawk.cpp src/burn/misc/taito_68k/d_superma

n.cpp src/burn/misc/d_tigerheli.cpp src/burn/misc/d_news.cpp src/burn/misc/d_ohm

ygod.cpp src/burn/misc/d_solomon.cpp src/burn/misc/d_prehisle.cpp src/burn/misc/

d_hyperpac.cpp src/burn/misc/d_wc90.cpp src/burn/misc/d_fstarfrc.cpp,...) failed.

make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.

mingw32-make: *** [src/generated/driverlist.h] Error 2




Anyone know what the problem is, or what files it's trying to say is missing? I havn't made any changes to the source or the makefile at all... so yeh...


And I know everyone hates answering these questions, but if you do know whats wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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