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  1. yes, and as a matter offact i got mine. it was a nano. it works like this.


    ou sign up, do an offer (cc reed, but free)

    you get 5 friends to same, but with ur link. they all need diff cc's.

    u get video ipod.

    4 ppl gets a nano.


    pm me if u want the site. btw, its not easy getting people.

  2. Noooooooooo! I just got my g6 4g in the mail today (2st flashcart for anything ever for me) and i tried sgstair's wifi lib and it didnt work. then i tried ds2key. didnt work. they load and freeze after arm7init. im on a 1st gen silver ds, and if you can help me send an email to coincorbin10@gmail.com please! or post here... lol

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