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  1. Does the XBox have WiFi?


    Nope, but it does have a standard 10/100 NIC, if connected to the same network as your AP then sure, you can talk to it.


    If you want to control xbmc on the xbox (the homebrew one) its easy..Theres a web interface to it.. I made one in.net..with the new wifi lib it should be easy to make a client for the ds...


    Yeah, perhaps i will have a look at getting it going that way. It's the only route without having to do extra work on the xbox.

  2. It's getting very very good! Being able to see the mouse in the zoom view would make it close to flawless! Sometimes my clicks stay clicked for longer than i would like, but hey, can't complain.

  3. Aha! I got it working!


    Yup some of you guys were right, a router/AP problem - not an IP problem. No, there was no fancy networking knowledge involved... I just factory defaulted the router as I was getting annoyed with it and now the app works flawlessly! Excellent job Sintax! Just as nifty as I had imagined, now i can check on my torrents from bed! hehehe


    Thanks everyone for helping out and giving ideas :blink: Todays lesson: After messing with multiple firmware updates on a linksys router trying factory defaulting to 'refresh' everything.


    *Can't wait for the next version of Win2DS*


    Thought so, not an IP problem :peopleseybrow:

    Glad you got it working.

  4. Still no luck :(


    tried default ( and what sintax has in the toubleshooting ( x.x.x.188), and the CANNOTCONNECT message comes up straight away... do I need to setup some DMZ on the DS IP or something?


    Open up a command prompt on your pc


    ipconfig /all


    This will give you the subnet mask, gateway and dns settings you should use on the ds.

    If your pc is you should have your ds in the same range (the first 3 numbers should match), i.e., So if you have as your pc ip, use as your ds ip. So long as you don't have two devices on the network with the same ip and you server and ds are in the same ip range you should be sorted.

  5. Bit the bullet and applied the Australian firmware..... Why do people always make things sound harder than they are? It's just a normal firmware update but the router's IP changes to after the update... big deal!


    It's all working fine now. Including the wifi lib test app :)


    It was this email from Dlink that made me go ahead with the Aus firmware:


    I'm sorry there are no plans of releasing a Nintendo DS compatible firmware in the UK.

    Using another country's firmware will indeed void the warranty.

    For returns or replacements contact your reseller


    I was going to take it back and exchange for a router that works but got lazy.

  6. I have a couple of suggestions...


    1) Sort the networks in order of signal strength, highest at the top (so i don't have to keep scrolling down while driving)

    2) You've probably heard of Airsnort right? That would be stunning functionality to have in a handheld :blink:


    Probably opening myself up for some abuse with the airsnort suggestion but people should be using WPA by now anyway.

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