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  1. As far as getting the shoutcast directory listing up in winamp in windows, just fire up winamp (I'm running version 5.21, but its mostly the same either way), and hit alt+l to bring up the media library. The new winamp has a list of things on the left of the window that opens, and you'll want to select 'online services' and then shoutcast radio. This displays the top whatever stations (the number is configurable in the winamp options somewhere. it can be any number to all of them to be listed). '


    The slightly odler winamp versions (earlier 5.xx ones) list shoutcast radio differently, but tis still in the media area like I said before, it shouldn't be ahrd to find.


    As for linux stuff that uses the directory and such, I can't think of anyhthing off the top of my head, I don't think xmms does th same media listing that winamp does, but it does play them the same. I'll look into more stuff like that.


    Hope thats somewhat helpful. This is something that'd defiantly be sweet to see.


    Great work, and can't wait for the next release! Keep it up.

  2. Ah, ok. Well, disreguard my PM I sent you. :|


    I just figured manually entering the streams URl was fine.


    However, in the future, the ability to save a playlist from winamp to a Cf card and load it via the app would be sweet.


    Also, how hard would it be to pull the station list form shoutcasts servers? I know several apps and sites that can do this already. It just looks up the same address that winamp does to load the stations into the viewer in winamps little media window.


    Not sure if this would be hard or not. But I imagine it could be done.


    edit: also, the howto to recompile with a customized station would work fine as a temp. solution for now, I'd say. ;)

  3. After some checking in my router settings,I realized I still had some ports forwarded and set up to do odd things from previous tests on other apps, and I reset all that, and it worked like a charm.


    Trying it again just now, it connects and displays the streams info (station name and such), and it never did that before. I also noted that it isnt playing clearly at all. lots of skips.


    i just can't wait to connect to any stream you want. I'm imaginging being able to stream my own station over to the DS. hehe

  4. hehe, yeah the sound works fine, I was just playing NSMB and also watched some videos in moonshell with it.


    I tried the original version of it just now, (dissonance, that is), and it played a song, however, it only looped about 30 seconds of it, so that much worked.


    On this new version, though, nothing seems to play. I'll plug in headphones and see if I hear anything, though.


    edit: still nothing. Tried headphones, and even hooking it up to my computers speaker system via a line in and audio cable, and still nothing. Everything has sound though, tested several other homebrew apps.


    Must just be something on my end. Perhaps my router is blocking a port or something odd?

  5. Ok, well, I just tried the latest version.

    I'm running GBAmp witha 256 MB card, flashme v7. I get the top screen to list "connecting via WFC data"

    "connected successfully!"


    then, nothing. The bottom screen is white, and nothing happens after this... am forgetting something?


    I tried to download your first release, andran that, and it worked..or at least, I think it did. as soon as it booted up, it listed something on screen, then played some audio flawlessly for the few minutes I had it on.


    Any ideas?


    edit: after running the first version again, maybe I wasn't getting a stream fterall. I got the same blip of audio as before, it seems to repeat istelf. the bottom screen lists "decoding error 0x0101" and the top screen is white.


    Still no luck with the newer versions.

  6. There is a way to remove the login for DSLinux, and I just tried it out two days ago. It's easy enough to do, even for a complete idiot like myself.




    is the topic you can read, it includes the instructions and a link to a free hex edit program you can use. It's real simple and only took a couple minutes to go from getting the program, inserting CF, editing the file, saving and booting.


    edit: Also, there is This topic that explains how to edit ina startscript for DSlinux with nologin, which also includes a link at the end of the post with pre-edited versions of the dslinux files with nologin and startscripts for M3, GBAmp, and supercard. Hope it helps!

  7. I also suffered from the lost connection after anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so. I went into my linksys router settings and allowed the proper IP address (the one I assign my DS) and the port to be open and not blocked. This fixed the problems I ran into with DSchat and DSlinux wifi. Now it works great. Hope that helps.


    Any firewall or port blocking system (router, etc) may effect your connection.

  8. I got it all working, in case you missed my edit, except, it freezes (when the server was up), right when it connected and got hte user list. refer to my previous post for more on that.


    Now, the server is down. >.<


    Edit edit edit!


    I was able to login and not freeze just fine....Must freeze when the server dies? No one else wasin there. at least I know it works!

  9. hey, Just saying, I got it working...well, msotly. It connected and everything came up fine, but then froze, but it works now. :)


    thanks for the help, turns out there was something switched in my linksys settings back to default that kills it. I forgot I reset back to defaults a week or so ago. Thanks again!


    edit again..;)


    well, like I said, all connects well, but I get a nasty freeze when i get connected and the user list shows up. A static like fuzzy line shows up across the user list on the top screen andthe Ds locks up. turning it off fixes it, but, I cant get any further then that after several attempts. I'll keep trying though. The fuzzy garbage that displays is similar to that of pointremotes, when it displays junk sometimes.


    and now, the server is down. >.<

  10. Alright, Just made sure I ahd it all set up to non-auto settings and input all the fun stuff, tested it out, and it worked fine in the actual WIFi testing.


    I then goto the wifichat.nds app, select "no" to wanting to use the wifitransfer settings, since Imassuminjg that means it'll use the WIFi firmware ones. I connect to dschat.kicks-ass-org, and....Host not found, please enter IP address...hmmm


    What am I getting wrong? I can see you guys are chatting it up though, by visiting the address in firefox ;)


    edit: if its any help, after retrying agai when it asks me to, it says "logging in @"



  11. Ok, so, what do I need to do to connet to something? I'm getting something wrong, and missing several tins Im guessing.


    care for a step by step here since I havent run or past wifitransfer program in the past either? I'm not familiar with the steps that need to be made. I got a WIFI game and my connection setup through that, so I can use that, I'm assuming. Anything else that can help, thanks...


    I'm not normally so n00bish, but hey. It's a bad week already. ;)

  12. am I stupid and missing something here, or is the keyboard not usable, since its on the top screen, and I cant swap it to use it to input anything at all?



  13. It seems to work better, however, I still am having problem getting screen updates quickly. Mostly, the zoomed view. the fullscreen view updates when something changes on teh screen, like a window open or conversation reply, but I cant get the zoomed view to move to that quickly or at all really anymore.


    Hmmm.. The server isnt bogging me down as much on the PC anymore, but still a bit sludgy. I'll continue to test it out.


    update, I can't get any response as far as touch screen goes. when zoomed in, I cant click on anything, and when zoomed out, it doesnt seem to react to where I point to zoom in, which leads me to beleive somthing is up with the touchscreen stuff.


  14. Hm, it seems a bit slower to update on the Ds now. before I'd get quick updates when i pressed to refresh a screen (within a second or two) now its coming up within 5-10 seconds, or it freezes. The PC side server is slow again, too. My computer is choppy when it runs, the last build was quick.


    Looks like theres some work to do. ;)


    Nonetheless, keep it up, good to see you trying to fix it up.

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