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  1. i'm sick of this, i've been playing mugen since it first came out and i know the ins and outs of it, i recently got two xp machines and mugen won't run on my personal desktop, i changed all of the settings, and i tried every technique online, even the linux technique, but basically i want mugen to run on XP for me, i have good spec machine and i recently brough a GeFOrce FX 5200 graphics card just for MUgen but it still won't run, i was the guy who originally has an Intel Integrated Card, rememba? and i'm sick of not getting mugen to run, no matter how many different versions or techniques i try, mugen won't run for me, anyone have any other techniques noone else tried? thanx for listening

  2. I tried the hacked edition, the normal windows edition, and some other versions and they all have the same problem, i'm not a nOOb i've been in the mugen scene for some time and i just need to know if there's a way to download VESA drivers, or a driver emulator or something because my Intel Extreme Integrated Graphics Card doesn't have VESA drivers and the website doesn't have any

  3. Well I believe the total opposite... Girls have a right to express themselves in the way they want... Around my way if a girl dresses a certain way she's given a "label" i mean girls know when they're messin wit da boundaries. And the girls who take it all the way past the boundaries acheive the distinction of bein "easy" even if she isn't. I don't think this is a parenting or school issue, it's up to a girl's own judgement to know when she's wrong

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