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  1. No, everything is correct now. You probably need to delete your old savegame to remove any previously stored controller settings.




    I did, by deleted TDATA/ffff0504 and UDATA/ffff0504, but it's same result.

    Would you please checking about it again? I'm sure that i've delete the old save properly.


    Here is my result when i remap the buttons.



    default setting


    fire 1 or LP : X

    fire 2 or MP : A

    fire 3 or HP : B

    fire 4 or LK : Y

    fire 5 or MK : Black

    fire 6 or HK : White

    PPP : Left Trigger

    KKK : Right Trigger



    My Result after remapping


    fire 1 or LP : X

    fire 2 or MP : Y

    fire 3 or HP : Right Trigger

    fire 4 or LK : A

    fire 5 or MK : B -------------------------- become to HK (must be MK)

    fire 6 or HK : Black--------------------- become to PPP (must be HK)

    PPP : Left Trigger ------------------ become to KKK (must be PPP)

    KKK : White -------------------------- become to MK (must be KKK)


    Any advice?

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