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  1. Well, it did make tops at the box office over the weekend, outdoing Dreamer( some movie about a horse), and that Wallace and Grommit movie. I think it made around 16 million, which isn't too bad, but probably way lower than the producers and such had hoped for.

  2. WoW is my first try with any MMORPG, and I'm having a great time with it. I chose it because I have a couple of friends who play it, and we group up from time to time. I might try a couple of others once the fun with WoW wears off, but for now I'm content with it.

  3. MagicEngine is the only emulator I'd ever pay for. I've tried Hu-Go, but never could get ISOs to work with it very well. It's sad that there aren't very many tg16 emulators around at all, or that made it very far into development.


    You could always download the trial version of MagicEngine, and just save every 5 minutes or so. :(

  4. Here it's gone from around $2.09 a gallon early last month up to $3.19 as of last Thursday, but now it's dropped back down to $3.05-$3.09 a gallon. Luckily, I filled up last Sunday when it was only $2.52 a gallon. My state's legislators have talked this week about suspending the state's tax on gasoline to help out until prices drop on their own, but I'm not sure if that will pan out or not.

  5. Just in case you don't make it, gryph, can i have your credits again? :D


    In all seriousness though, i don't envy you. I've been close to tornadoes, living in Oklahoma, and they are no fun, and they only last a few minutes or so. I surely don't want to experience hours of driving rain and high winds. Keep safe and dry!

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