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  1. I was explaining to AfterHours about his icon problem...


    I found out it was my video driver playing up when video was set on auto...

  2. Strange...I did a fresh install and ran Pong only to do the same error :msnoh: Do I need a certain version of C++ Redistributable installed?


    Also the icon thing is the cache which hasn't refreshed yet. Happens when you replace old icons with new icons of the same name.

  3. I think the extra roms have been move to HBMAME...


    I am getting a runtime error with the latest ARCADE64 and crashes afterwards...

  4. Hello Robert!


    Thanks for continuing the project! :king:


    You released BINARY files - but if there are changes in GLS Shader and other folders

    ... we grab it from Mame32/mame?!


    I hope you upload the complete package! with changed/updated files in their folder!


    Important Folders:


    ARTWORK Folder: If there are new Scanlines.

    BGFX & HLSL Folder: If there are updates/changes

    DOCS Folder: With your Readme and your Version changes!

    M1 Folder: Updated M1 Player

    SHADERS Folder: Updated


    God thanks "Megaman" is out of business in your version...really really glad! :jester:

    Could'nt see the MameUIFX Popup-Screen anymore! Nothing to do with arcade this megaman b*tch.


    There is a few Megaman Arcade games that exist and I did leave one Megaman in the Art Preview as a homage to MAMEUIFX.

  5. I just wanted to say that I worked on a splash screen and icon for ARCADE for Robert and recently made a new placeholder image for the screenshots preview.


    Edit: I also uploaded new icons and artwork for the ARCADE UI to my Mega account.

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