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  1. Any idea why I get an error saying **Error loading plugin.ini** whenever I load a game after updating to 0.212? The game runs fine after clicking ok on the error window.


  2. I'm getting this error whenever I try to run a game. I have Windows 10 x64 and I'm running the 64bit version of arcade. Any ideas?


  3. I don't understand the question.


    If you're asking for a non-gui version of Arcade then start it from the command line as such:


    >arcade64 ___empty


    (there's 3 underscores there).


    The colours are different to the MAME ones due to custom modifications in Arcade, but it looks OK.



    If you were asking for something else then make it clear what you're after.



    Ah, this is exactly what I was asking for. Thank you. Do you know if it is possible to exit the game and return to the built in (non-gui version of Arcade) MAME gui? Whenever I exit a game it exits completely out of Arcade/MAME.

  4. Is it possible to add the official MAMEUI/MewUI to Arcade? The current MAMEUI doesn't scale properly on 4K displays. I'm currently looking for alternative front ends if anyone has suggestions. I'm trying out MxUI at the moment but it doesn't seem to want to save column sizes positions.

  5. Here is a copy and paste of my ui.ini. Please tell me if I am missing anything.


    historypath dats
    extrainipath folders
    cabinets_directory cabinets;cabdevs
    cpanels_directory cpanel
    pcbs_directory pcb
    flyers_directory flyers
    titles_directory titles
    ends_directory ends
    marquees_directory marquees
    artwork_preview_directory "artwork preview;artpreview"
    bosses_directory bosses
    logos_directory logo
    scores_directory scores
    versus_directory versus
    gameover_directory gameover
    howto_directory howto
    select_directory select
    icons_directory icons
    covers_directory covers
    ui_path ui
    remember_last 1
    enlarge_snaps 1
    forced4x3 1
    use_background 1
    skip_biosmenu 0
    skip_partsmenu 0
    info_audit_enabled 0
    hide_romless 1
    infos_text_size 0.75
    font_rows 30
    hide_main_panel 0
    ui_border_color ffffffff
    ui_bg_color ef101030
    ui_clone_color ff808080
    ui_dipsw_color ffffff00
    ui_gfxviewer_color ef101030
    ui_mousedown_bg_color b0606000
    ui_mousedown_color ffffff80
    ui_mouseover_bg_color 70404000
    ui_mouseover_color ffffff80
    ui_selected_bg_color ef808000
    ui_selected_color ffffff00
    ui_slider_color ffffffff
    ui_subitem_color ffffffff
    ui_text_bg_color ef000000
    ui_text_color ffffffff
    ui_unavail_color ff404040
  6. Does Arcade support the viewing of DAT files ingame such as Command,dat and GameInit.dat. I can see the DAT file information in the GUI before launching a game but not within the in game menus where you can configure the controller mapping and select dip switches.

  7. I updated to version 180 and now I get a hard crash whenever I try to load a game. I'm using Windows 10 with the 64bit build of Arcade. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  8. I have a request. Is it possible to resort games that start with the word THE alphabetically? For example "The Punisher" word be list under P alphabetically as if it was just named Punisher. Being able to do this with the Nintendo Vs. games would be cool too so Vs. Baseball would be listed in the B section alphabetically.

  9. Ah ok. I use MAME to keep track of the nonworking games so I can run them in other emulators such as Demul because most emulators go by MAME romsets. I had a feeling it had something to do with a nonworking status but then I saw other nonworking hardware Triforce and Model 2 so I wasn't sure.

  10. Thanks for this. Quick question. I notice some games are not showing up in the lists. Off the op of my head I don't see any Sega Chihiro or Sega NAOMI hardware based games. I have the current rom sets but even under the "All Games " folder they are not listed. Have they been removed?

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