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  1. "And the main problem I do have with religion now, is the thing you said about believers saying that all nonbelievers are going to hell. "





    Not all religions say that if you are not a member, you will go to hell, the Catholic religion says that as long as you live with morals, you can have a good afterlife.  I understand your point though, Protestants tell me I'm going to hell all the time.


    And the commercialized Santa and any form of Santa is based off of St. Nicholas.  He wore red and would leave little presents to children who left their shoes out on Christmas. He probably had a beard, but I don't know about the Ho Ho Ho part, that's cheesy :lol:


    If you were brought up in Southern Ireland,you would very quickly discover virtualy all of the older Catholic's ALL beleive in the Fire and Brimstone dogma.

    It makes no difference if they are Catholics or Proetestants,they all tried too instill the very fear of "God" into you,with whatever contemptable methods they could use.


    Of course,im only really refering to the older generation here.

  2. Sorry Ryder,but Braveheart was a load of poop.

    One 1 hand,it re-installed some much need pride to the Celts of this world

    (i am of pure Irish Celt bloodline) but on the other hand it took so many great histrorical liberties with the truth it was unforgivable.Then Mr.Gibson saw fit to rub the english's noses in it with that Patriot movie.


    Since when has hollywood made a film with Pro-english sensibilties? Hardly ever,cept for Master And Commander i guess.America=great United Kingdon=bad is the general message they portray.With that sort of inbuilt socio-policitcal bias that Hollywood has,its difficult to take anything as 100% gospel.


    Hollywood has been a great source of re-writting,imbelishing histrorical fact with

    crowd pleasing jingoism.


    About this film,dosent the Bible have a fopar about NOT making graven images..take alook at the "licenced" merchandised products for sale..hypocrisy.

    How can you slap a licence patent on Jesus anyway.I hope when he does come downto bring us Armagedon he brings an Army of Lawyers to sue Mels ass.

  3. Wasting my hate.


    Their Whisky in the jar cover isa pretty good too.

    Feck off :)


    Listen to Thin Lizzys rendition :P


    Actualy its a old traditional irish drinking song,that no ones knows who recorded it originaly :mrgreen:


    My faves :

    Fade To Black

    Harvester of Puppets

    the "evil" bit of One

    Nothing Else Matters


    Lyricaly i love The God that Failed,One,Sad But True and Bleeding Me.

  4. i have yet to meet a girl in real life who plays videogames (solitaire and bejewelled do not count).  therefore these mythical gamer girls are no more real than 'unicorns' or 'egyptians'.

    Again,thats rubbish.


    Many play Rpgs,puzzlers,platformers...


    Umm the egyptians were real,what are you talking about?

    The pyramids didnt build themseves.

    its called sarcasm. and please, dont be offended, i just happens that i LIKE girls.

    I apologise.


    It's just when i first started posting on emu forums i had to put up with so much guff from male players i became overly defensive.I did'nt mean to come across as rude.

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