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  1. Hey BP...for some reason when I start games it doesn't detect the buttons sometimes.


    Ex: I will play street fighter just fine, then try to play NBA jam and it won't read my 1p controls. I go into the in-game button configs and it will still show the previous setup I had for the game, so I change one or two buttons and everything works again.


    It actually happens a lot. TIA

  2. NOTE for new you tube video...to get Tekken 3 to load...keep pressing start when it boots...then it will work.... :D


    if anyone wants to be in the update team for CoinOPS 2 let me know it currently has 300 odd new games in it...so these upgraded arnt for the faint hearted


    Thanks. I'll try it later tonight.

  3. @bigby nice video! How did you get your game to load so quick? Is there a setting I need to change?


    I edited out the rom loading screen and added a crossfade. :blink:


    Lol I figured it was edited. Thought I was missing something to fix that load screen. Thanks.

  4. @blank - thanks for the download manager app tip. All those problem files have come down with no issue at all now.


    Thanks again for making the files available in this way.


    No problem. I am currently working on 100mb links and have about 24 done so far(theres 207 in the entire thing). This is to maybe prevent timeouts and for people that don't have accounts, since they used to not allow non-members to download 1gb links but not sure if its still like that. Message me if anyone wants the links for the 100mb files as I plan on putting all of the links in a text file instead of having to scroll through the whole list on the thread.

  5. Hi Blank


    Thanks for looking into it. I've signed up for a 30day premier account just to get this download. I don't think its limited in anyway as I've downloaded later parts with no problem (basically when its stalled I've just moved to the next one in the list)


    I'm just using firefox to download, although I've tried and got the same problem, on the same files in Chrome too.


    Hope that helps



    Since you have an account, try using the MegaManager, you get it for free with the account. It works a lot faster than regular dl and you can resume and restart if needed. You can get it here - http://megaupload.com/?c=tools

  6. I now I'm new - treat me gentle.


    This whole package looks ace - fantastic job BP :blink:


    I installed a variety of of emulators on my xbox for the first time a few weeks ago and i really got the bug. Now I'm well on my way to building a dedicated cabinet. Came across coinops by following lots of links and it looks better by far so kicked off a torrent download. Not complaining but it was taking ages (7gb in 6 days, rates between 7k per sec, upto 500k - very up and down) I've uploaded much more than I've downloaded so far.


    Was pleased to see the MU option so kicked that off as an alternative this morning and got 10gb down so far which is ace - thanks blank for that.


    I'm having a couple of issues on getting some of the files though, parts 3, 10 and 13 have all 'stalled' a few mb in. I've tried through a couple of networks and browsers and they all get so far and then stop. Is anyone else having issues or am I just doing something wrong. All the other parts, up to 15 so far have come down quick and with no probs.





    WOW!! I just checked my MU account, and it is getting a lot of traffic. Over 400 downloads for one of the files. I checked the numbers you listed and they seem to be getting downloaded so I don't think its an issue with the link. Do you have an account? since I know they limit the # of downloads you can get per day or something like that. Also, are you using the MegaManager or just using your browser?

  7. blank. Saw ur posts on youtube. Sweet cab!! :blink:


    Thank you sir!


    blank. Saw ur posts on youtube. Sweet cab!! :D


    rd, do you have the link to Blank's video? I'd like to take a look as I'm finishing up my cabinet but am still looking for ideas. Thanks mate!


    Here is video showing Coinops Showroom and the cab - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRqzO1Ba7xo


    This video is just showing Coinops 2 after I update, doesn't show much of cab though - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qhn3m1mCfw...feature=related

  8. just a quote i read on KA few minutes ago..


    anonymous said : Anyway, nice frontend though a bit unstable. Too bad the author put these stupid locks just because of his soup nazi temper...



    Strange....reminds me someone...retarded ^^


    If you're referring to my response to you, it wasn't me. I have nothing bad to say about BP. I appreciate you remembering though.

  9. Hey BP,


    OK - well, on the torrent front it looks like we have about 9 seeds and 25 leechers. This is down from about 100 leechers a day or so ago. Funny how we only have 9 seeds though!? Oh, wait, that's because they cut and run after their download completed like we told them not to.


    Next time there is a release, it will be on a private tracker where ratio is forced. Too many selfish shitheads in the world apparently.


    No more public torrents after this. Good job guys!


    Geez relax! You're like the soup nazi. I had to take mine down for a day to transfer to xbox and zip to upload to MU. And plus I've uploaded about 35gigs. And weren't you the one talking crap when I stated I was only getting about 200kb/s.

  10. Hey guys anybody got this on Megaupload yet as my isp seem's to capping my speed on p2p and torrent's thanks


    Still in the process of transferring to xbox. I will get it up on MU as soon as I can and post some links. First batch will probably be 1gb links, so you will need a account. Just a heads up.

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