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  1. i personally like to use my computer with flashfxp to do site to site transfers (xbox to xbox).


    10mb/s, really stable, and the "skip all" function is really nice when resuming large file transfers.


    also you can see what all went trough and what didn't if there are any errors and just re-que those that fail.


    just set up both xboxs on a network (no cross over cable needed) either using a router or switch, and a computer with flashfxp installed.

  2. what i would like to see most is a build with just arcade stuff for those of us that only use this emu for arcade stuff. you know cleaned up with only arcade emu code and a showcase with as much arcade games with videos as possible. i love this emu :)


    also would love to have 2 versions for launching homebrew games and xbox games with skins that resemble both of these. just so they are separated and say like "homebrew" at the top of the gui. :(

  3. props to bp. after a bit of fidalling (really not much) my slow load times were solved! my coinops works fast and great now :) i believe its due to my sata to ide converter on my 1.5 tb hdd i had slow load times. thanks again. and hope that we can see a alt xbe in future updates for us with these issues :)

  4. no worries ive posted 10 times how to fix this.... im sick to death of talking about its an issues 1000s and 1000s of downloads and only a few people reporting this and then they try to fix it alone....I cant help people unless they help themselves....


    im sorry it doesnt look like deleting the tdata and udata will help....if you msn me ill fix it for you if you have a few hours otherwise I can only guess which isnt going to fix it in this cause I dont think


    I dont see the still it says I just loaded it....im sorry but I asked at the time to fix this properly and people tried to take shortcuts....look though the forums and you will I told you guys a million times there is one way to fix this and one way only....so I dont want to discuss it as its been over discussed and no help to fix...IVE NEVER EVER SEEN THIS ISSUE ON 100s OF XBOXs I NEED A TO SIT WITH SOMEONE THAT HAS THIS ISSUE AND TEST IT PROPERLY....im sorry about that fact but how am I ment to tell people if time and time again they dont listen....


    DBalls here is you posting...http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32279&st=11 then after this you asked the trolls for help....this is why I think I should help you as it was stated in there exactly how to fix this you choose a bad path as I said in there...I think they are newbes and always have but you ask the newbe with so much misinformation for help and it ends the same way every time...misinformation bad help and telling me they are newbes...but anyway they act like they arnt newbes so its just me that thinks they are from everything I see them say...


    so read that thread do as it says ... any discussion on this will not be answered by me unless its handled the proper way as stated in this thread you where active in.....WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING MYSELF WHEN CLEARLY IN THAT THREAD EVERYTHING WAY EXPLAINED MANY TIMES AND YOU WENT TO THE MISNFORMERS....why should I help you when they shut that thread down and bite the hand that feeds them and you ask them for help? People reap what they so.....apparently im doing this wrong and other people are helping lol I cant help people unless they follow the proper way as stated many times...if you want to go it alone then best of luck I wont stop this....


    ok so what your saying is you dont know the problem cause you havnt scene or known anyone with the problem and you want someone with the problem to help trouble shoot and figure it out? im down. should have just stated that more simple before :) ill msn you sometime.

  5. dballs you have know about it for ages :)




    hows the help going... hehe ive said 1000 times how to fix this properly with my help....it take a few hours ones time with my help....or else i havent seen this on over 500 xboxs now


    you know you guys are your own worst enermies....the people that you ask ive said are newbes and this stuff only goes to prove it more and more that with months of help still they dont even know the basics of the fault.....but anyways find gil and get my msn and I can help sort this properly but you must listen and do as I say as it needs to be a precise process to garentee it happens right...it it will be slower this way but I messure twice and cut once ive seen what happens if you take shortcuts....so its up to you guys do it my way or help your self I think I can help you better than you can do it yourself but that is agued by the trolls from your site.....but to me its just a joke and nothing personal I know they dont have a chance and have always know that they still fight they do but its funny to see them fail at everything so I let them and they say I cant get stuff done.....believe what you want it makes no diff to me..all installs I know of have not had this issue


    Best of luck with your decision


    im a bit bemused by your reply. i know ive known of this for a while. thats why i said "STILL". i posted about my problem early on in this very tread well before i posted it at the RX site. i only posted here again because you told me last time i said something about it here that it was the roms and vidoes i used from the xtras. so i waited till CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND was out thinking that would do the trick. but it didnt so i came back here to ask if there was a fix. i read about 3-4 pages back but didnt see anything related to this problem.


    i am sorry if it was told already here. i read the part in the nfo file that came with CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND but it told me to delete folders that i dont have. so that isnt an option.


    i can find your msn from other ppl i suppose but wouldnt it be easier to just type of an explanation of what to do and then just pm it to anyone that has the problem?


    i know alot of ppl like to fight and bicker on here but trust me im not that guy. im just a guy that wants to have a nice full set of arcade games on his xbox. :) so im sorry if i gave any offense.

  6. so i just got CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND did a fresh install with it and my roms still take FOREVER to load. i dont have folders E://TDATA//4d414d45, E://UDATA//4d414d45, E://TDATA//4d414d46, or E://UDATA//4d414d46. never had them. perhaps they are under a different number? here's my u and t data folders




    any other suggestions to get the roms to load properly?




  7. i just want to state again i have the same problem. i tried reverting to r5 when i wasnt having the problem but i had the problem then too. is there some sort of cache file i should try deleting? roms load mad slow!


    and a word to the wise, if you ignore it it might go away (and im not talking about the roms loading slowly). giving attention just encourages some behavior.

  8. really all i want out of coinops is a dope arcade emulator. which it is. showcase one with r2 was and is amazing. im just trying to create an extensive arcade emu base with videos.


    im still waiting an answer why the xtras bug up the system. its just roms and videos were talkin. no ini's ect...


    im not an rx team member persay. i am just trying to expand the showcase and for it to be flawless (no roms without vidoes).


    bp can you explain to me, or us, technically why the xtras slow down the load time of each game?

  9. Drama-rammmmmaaaa!!




    Anyway, BP, I'm going to load up Lite this afternoon, delete the old T/U Data. Hopefully, this will fix the loading issue. I'll be sure to post either way.


    Thanks again


    whats the #'s coinops uses in T/U datas?

  10. ok well.... all drama aside. :D


    what ive done is taken reignite X, taken all the roms and videos from showcase one (that came with r2) and added what was in rx 1.0. i ftped all the other games in using the "skip all" function in fxp so none of the original videos or roms were overwritten. no other ini's or any thing else was used from rx. so what is the problem? what could be the problem? a memory issue? a searching issue?


    really all i want is an extensive arcade emulator with video preview for all games.

  11. Hi,


    I have the same exact issues and I too am using a SATA HD & RX's romset. In other versions of CoinOps, I didn't have this issue. I don't think the additional lag is caused by us storing the ROMs someplace other than the default location or the romset themselves. I tried using my original Showcase romset in the default location and the same lag was present.


    I do think that the issue lies with our SATA HDs, but something must have changed slightly in the code for this issue to become so pronounced.


    BP, is this something you could look at for us? I could help you test if necessary.





    i have all the videos and roms in the default folders in coinops and i get this problem.


    yea if there is anything i can do to debug it let me know.

  12. I've gotten all of RX's xtras with videos for arcade. i installed coinops reignite X. there are about 1717 arcade games.


    However, coinops loads games very very slowly. from when i click on a game it hangs at the frozen rom browser for 20 seconds then it goes blank for 25 seconds and finally at ~50 secs to a minute the game is ready to play.


    also when i choose reboot xbox from the options menu it takes seemingly as long to exit out of coinops.


    the rest works fine! the emu loads very fast. idk. any thoughts as to why this is happening?

  13. hey guys. havn't been around in a while. sorry if this has been addressed but there are just too many pages to read to figure it out.


    has something along the lines of a showcase 2 with all just arcade roms with movies been released? all nice and tidy like the first showcase?


    thats all im really interested in. i currently have showcase with the 10 game patch that came with r3. (and i can get any build. i think i have r5 now) ~830-840 games. would like all working arcade games with movies.


    please pm me for im not on very often any more. that way i can easily check :(


    Thanks guys!

  14. is it filezilla?


    most the time when a ftp client allows multiple file transfers at a time it just cuts the speed of each transfer in half (or in thirds or however many simultaneous transfers have it set to). sometimes you can sqeeze an extra mb or so out when doing this. its sorta like finding the sweet spot.


    and yes should be safe. ive done it. everything works fine for me.

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