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  1. Is there a site that details how difficult it is to overclock it?


    Please post! :)




    actually no i searched allot there is no info on the net i think that iam the first one to attempt it and succeeded ,video coming soon :)

  2. i dont know if any of you will enjoy this news after servel month of researched i finely overclocked my 3do (ARM60) from 12.5 MHz to 18MHz its stable been tested it for a week now with greats result iam playing doom full screen faster and smoother frame rate every other commercial title is running better no more slowdown i will upload a video soon so you can see the result for yourself and remember iam playing in one hand enjoy my first video


    as its Halloween i decided to go first with escape from monster manor





    long live 3do :)

  3. yes i was one of the first to buy one back when it had the heating problem i was very careful with it never used it without an AC turned on in the room

    the last time i was ftp coinops 2 to it 23gb i turned it off and it never turned on again :( i contact trusty and he tried to help out i did everything he told me

    and still no go but it was totally worth it to own one even for 6 month i enjoyed it next time i will order 2 from him :peopleseybrow:



  4. hi yes its available at emu-extra its about 300mb to download but its not worth it i tried it on 2 128ram xboxes and the result is the same very slow not playable i dont know maybe iam doing something wrong too bad my trusty xbox died on me 3 month ago and no repair for it so i cant tested to see if its a CPU power problem or something else :)





    Have you actually tried these emulators? I didn't think they were actually available. Please elaborate.


    You're saying they run 2fps, which doesn't make sense since the whole point is that the hardware (aside from the RAM) is identical to the Xbox. Its not like trying to emulate foreign 3D hardware in MAME.




    is it me or this game run 2 frame persecond the music sound is perfect no slowdown but the frame of the animation is too slow to be playable i couldn't even press start :peopleseybrow:

  5. is there anyway to get the sound in sync with shockwave? i tried what you said but the audio is faster than the video, lol. smile.gif




    just put the frame skipping off and in the main menu option put the speed normal instead of threeted also that goes to the sound option menu put it normal and the fmv will be sync in shockwave

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