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  1. Hi, found the SHOWROOM LITE but I really need some directions for the full 14gig masterpiece. else I will die of not being able to play this sweeet baby. please help a emulator craver out :) thanks! PM me please.


    Edit: Thanks & Kudos to all involved in making this diamond possible!

  2. posting in an epic thread... awesome work guys!


    font changing for low res users would be a nice option since us europeans wont go HD for public television before 2010.


    reintegrating (improving) the mortal kombat sound hack would also be great.


    from now on I will hammer F5 this thread until releaseday :D

  3. Thanks for the info. I was referring to this:


    does it have the NBA jams and narcs


    if you mixed all the builds you will have about 1200 games if not I would wait for full ignite


    The 1200 games made me think I am not up to date since my main menu says 1010.

    I do have the games you mentioned though...

  4. Alright so I am not up to date. My CoinOPS Gold main menu says 1010 games when sorted by name. Since it will take too long leeching 16Gigs with my lame German internet as suggested I will wait for the IGNITE version. Distribution of the Gold version WITH the new roms indeed was a desaster since it's nowhere to be found.

  5. Hi all,


    I have been a great fan of this project from the very beginning. So far I managed to keep track of all the versions and updates. I put them on my xbox every time a new version came out. So far so good...


    I even found the standalone version of coinops gold and wrote it over my existing coinops plus folder on my xbox.


    I now have a 4.9 Gb sized CoinOps Gold Folder.


    My question is: Am I up to date? I read all pages of this thread and I feel like I am missing the latest roms for my coinops gold.


    I looked everywhere but even bt sky doesn't have the promised "full" package.


    Could anybody please PM me some links to the missing roms? I hate the feeling of not being up to date when it comes to UBER-AWESOME coinops GOLD :thumbsup1:


    Thanks in advance,


    DrTek from Germany

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