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  1. its not better just a different format. if your CDIs are working fine I see no reason to go to the trouble of converting.


    GDI isn't self boot it's an unmodified rip from a dream cast dev kit. I don't even think you can burn a gdi with out special hardware and software.


    Ok thanks.


    Can I just ask you... what happens with 2 cd CDI's / games? Is it possible to automate the disk swap procedure?

  2. I've been using CDI self boots successfully but am led to believe GDI is better.


    I was wondering if there was a guide as to how to play GDI games. I use a front end and my cdi gamesload up directly from within the front end and I want to be able to do the same with GDI.


    I notice GDI comes with other files e.g. track 01, raw 02, track 03. What do I do with these? etc etc


    Any help much appreciated.

  3. If your monitor isn't set for 4:3, it will stretch everything on it's own. Vert games are given black borders to begin with, so those will remain unchanged unless you specify otherwise.


    A 4:3 desktop resolution on a widescreen display for instance, will be stretched to fill the entire screen unless you tell your display otherwise. This can be done either on the display itself (usually) or sometimes on the graphics hardware.


    I have a Samsung SM245B. Any ideas how I can tell it NOT to stretch? Also have nVidia graphics.

  4. I have set mame to auto display correct aspect ratio, and I have set to enforce it. However, horizontals still fill the whole screen (such as SF2). In fact, I think all horizontals fill the screen. Surely there should be some borders down either side like for vertical games?


    It doesn't look stretched, in fact it looks superb, but I am wondering is it really displaying in its true aspect ratio?


    If not, is there a way to do it for all?

  5. Hi,


    I have NullDC working perfectly on my upstairs system. When I transfered it to my downstairs system, which has the exact same motherboard, graphics card, memory, ram, cpu - I get this message:


    unable to load nullpvr_win32.dll plugin


    I have tried EVERYTHING to get it working but it's not happening.


    I've looked at other posts on this topic but its not helped me at all.


    Would really appreciate some help on this. Thanks.

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