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  1. Alright, I finally was able to rip gamecube games to my PC. But, My Super Monkey Ball Game crashed right near the end f the process. It did it twice, so it must be my game and not my systems.


    I transfered my Legend of Zelda Multi Pack Game, and I'm having trouble running this. I'm currently using Cubesoft Phoenix v2.1 (build 56) I leave everything on default settings with Phoenix. I was able to see the nintendo logo of the zelda game on my gamecube with PSO running. There's no music, just a lot of loud static. Next, I'm able to choose wether I want to play the origianl, or the master quest. No matter which one I choose, the screen goes black, and nothing happens. Any other type of settings I try, I don't even get as far as the nintendo logo. I spent a crap load of money for this process, and even if it runs at 6fps, I still want to play this stuff, could someone please help? I'm tearing my hair out!!! ARGH!! Thank you for your replies!!

  2. ok, I've got a problem


    I'm trying to run Gamecube ISO Ripping Server and it's not working


    I created a save onto my memory card from my pc to my GC using PSULv1.1, so I know it was connecting in some way. Now when it came to loading the Gamecube ISO Ripping Server Program, the ip settings were all set, I go to launch it, and I get this error message.


    The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.

    C5:0504 IP:0108 OP:c7 8b 6d 03 d2 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.


    I choose Close, and it doesn't close it, I get this message at the bottom of the GCISORS program, "Server Up, Waiting for Data..." But nothing happens when I load the online PSO game. I'm running Windows XP Professional if that helps. PLEASE HELP!!! I'm so confused ;)

  3. Ok, this sounds like something I can do! But may I ask where I could find the following items?


    Broadband Adapter - Have no idea what this is, and where to attach it, how to use it, etc etc.

    Phantasy Star Online Ep 1 & 2 - I take it this is a game you purchase. If I'm wrong, please explain.

    Crossover Cable from GC to PC - Is this a special kind of cable, I see no CAT5 ports on my GC, everything is on the bottom of my GC, I see 3 removeable panels, could you please explain this to me as well? As well as what type of cable to purchase?


    The software I believe I can find through the net. Everything else that has been typed I understand, and know I can do. And I also know what the other guy ment by playing them off of the xbox, he means the gc finds the games through the network, instead of searching the network for the pc, it searchs the network for the xbox, the ip address. :D Thanks so much guys!!! Can't wait to get started!

  4. I have Time Crisis Tekken 2 & Street Fighter EX2 for MAMEoX. I'm currently running MAMEoX Version 0.72.1b These 3 games were in a folder called "mame 0.79 new & changed" can these 2 games run on my currently installed MAMEoX Version? I installed them in my Roms folder, hit rescan, and I don't see them in my listings. If they can be playable, what steps am I missing? Thank You for your replies!!

  5. It's a cartridge, and I'm going to purchase a coco off of ebay, i'm not sure when though. i'm wither getting a coco 2 or 3. I have never heard of a copier? If someone knows where I can find that one game "Demon Attack" I'd appreciate it. If no one knows where, and if no one has the ROM, could someone teach me how to convert that game to ROM format. I've got 7 ROM coco games on my PC, so obviously it can be done. But how?

  6. Ok, I'm probably missing something, but I've searched, and could not find an answer for my problem.


    I'm currently running KAWA-X SE With these roms!!!


    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003

    Metal Slug 4 (predecrypted)

    Samurai Shodown V

    Power Instinct Matrimelee

    SVC Chaos Plus: SNK vs Capcom

    Rage of the Dragons (predecrypted)

    The King of Fighters 2002 (decrypted)


    Now, I read somewhere that you had to edit the _p1 file in Metal Slug 5. I've done that, I downloaded that file, and I have zipped all the files into this, "mslug5.zip"

    How can I have this KAWA-X SE that I'm running play Metal Slug 5?? Also, if there are certain things I need to do to my KAWA-X SE, will I be unable to play the list of games I mentioned above, or will the changes I make, not affect my game list above??? I thank you for your replies!!

  7. dude i know, i did that, i get nothing


    The folder is on my f drive


    I don't have to get into specific detail in the surreal.ini do i?? ex.

    f\emulators\surreal\roms\ ????


    i've done all sorts of thigs with the.ini














    Nothing is working. I was running the leaked version, and in that ones.ini the default was





    ever since i deleted that TDATA folder, nothing works, but that sould only delete what you've done, nothing critical. *sigh* i don't know what to do

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