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  1. standalone is a great idea. the dat file that came with coinops had all games that are compatibility with mame and not just the games that BP has tested as working. if you could make a dat file with just the games that BP thinks should be included it would help not having games like tekken that are not playable.

  2. NO torrents are slow :(


    Torrents speed is virtually limitless! It's only dictated by how much bandwidth the seeders are willing to provide. I've downloaded torrents at 20MB/s before. Probably you haven't got it set up properly, or are using crappy public trackers.


    Unless I'm mistaken you are limited to less than 100kB/s when you are downloading from megaupload? I wouldn't have the patience to download 4+ gigs at 100kB/s. Whatever works for you folks.


    I never seem to be online when BP is anyway due to the 12 hour time difference or I'd make a torrent. Going by what Rob said a while back, it's likely that BP's bandwidth isn't very good, so for him to send someone over 4gigs is going to take a hell of a long time.


    i max out my 7MB/s connection using megaupload.

  3. ill need more info to fix that and its only of minor importance to me sorry... there must be something about the names or captisalising or something that is blocking them.... do some investigation please :)


    i converted all the roms to lowercase and everything is working now :P

  4. BP, for some reason when i use the SMB function it shows about 200 less roms than are actually there. I had the same romset on my pc and and xbox hard drive and on the hard drive it showed 850 roms and the SMB share had about 600 roms.

  5. I currently have a build sitting on PC that has issues sorted some keymapping sorted etc ... I can release this if people want.



    please release this build, because i wanted to use the sambe support. thanks.

  6. This is probably a no-go also, but is there any way to get Ikari Warriors to use the right stick for direction?


    I would love to see this too on the games where you have to pull the trigger to turn. you could also make rt fire and lt grenades.


    A Murder of Crows: have you tried going into the options (back and white) and swapping the buttons around for games like final fight?

  7. how about the ability to disable favorites altogether in the next version. i have some friends that get stuck in favorites mode and have to call me so i can tell them to push the button ,that is right in front of their face on the screen, to return to normal mode.

  8. the only thing i don't like about the new classic category sorting is that it makes some games harder to find. double dragon 2 and 3 will be listed under fighters , but double dragon 1 will be under the classic category. it kind of splits some of the games up.

  9. Please suggest any features..... most wont make it be prepared for that but if they will help the experience and add no clutter or the clutters worth it let me know. I also wish to know what settings people use.... eg VMM Folder locations Vector Settings as I want to just add a small setting section


    Only settings I was thinking of leaving in was a few video settings and renaming it video settings. Does anyone use settings if so please let me know... now is the time they arnt cut in BETA but they are on the chopping board just due to massive amount of clutter that will actually break the EMU not make it better in most cases but maybe there are good reasons for VMM or sound on/off or something. State your case if you use them pretty please



    the only settings i change on arcades is the flicker filter to 1 and i change the anisotropic to linear. all the other settings i leave as default. as far as new features would it be possible to play lightgun games with the on screen cursor that is controlled by the controller like the pc mame.

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