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  1. Agozer
    My last "Back in Action" was... erm, sort of a dud. More like a status update than an honest to god commitment to a cause. Too much shit to deal with, too many sites to visit, too unemployed to make an effort both in the former and in the latter. I'll do better, since I've been neglecting my duties here for far too long. For reals. I'm super cereal. Don't expect me to take part in that in that Forum Attack System, though. We don't get along anymore, him and I.
    In somewhat better news, I'm starting a new job this coming monday, although it's only for the next six months. Well, better to have some work than none at all, I suppose.
    Question time: How many of you guys have a PlayStation 4? Was it worth the investment at this time when there aren't that many games for it yet?
  2. Agozer
    I'm back. Well, I never really left for good, just lurked around. Might as well start writing something in this blog after.... like what? Seven years?
    My site is down for the count since I changed ISPs. If there's someone who can lend me ~300+ MB of hosting space for free, then this issue is mostly solved.
    Aah, this blog bogart's my style, so I'll stop writing.
  3. Agozer
    Heh, I came to the realization not long ago that I still have this blog thing here on 1Emulation.
    Might as well give the n+1 people who occasionally glance this way an update of sorts.

    I'm starting work on my bachelor's thesis as soon as I've submitted my topic and it's been officially approved.
    I'm extremely lazy regarding the entry above, but I promise that I'll finish it.
    Still haven't been able to find a job, but at least my students aid from KELA (Finnish Social Insurance Institution, more or less) keeps me going for a while. Also, living at home is the way to go, taking into account the overall state of the economy and employment figures.
    I've had my own apartment for several years now, but I rented it. Keeps some cash flowing in, as well. Currenly €820/month (That's roughly $1170) with 45m2 worth of space (that's roughly 484ft2).
    Mana Khemia 2: The Fall of Alchemy was just released a few days ago for the PS2. I'm hoping to give it ago tonight
    Being a PS2 collector of some caliber, my collection now numbers around 128 original PAL releases + 20-something backups. I'm not a "must collect everything" kind of a collector; just collecting the games that are truly worth a look and worth my time. Also, no GTA or FPSes because those work fine on the PC, too. Finally, sports games are a no, unless a sports game has an arcade touch (i.e. Burnout Revenge, Everybody's Golf, etc).
    Silent Hill: Shattered memories will be released for both the Wii and the PS2 in a few months. It's a re-telling and re-imagining of the first SH game. Can't wait.
    Been listening to the Street Fighter IV soundtrack a lot lately. Great stuff.
    And finally, give Poets of the Fall a listen on YouTube.

    That's it. I'm out. Laters.
  4. Agozer
    In case some of you don't know who/what SSH is, he a japanese guy named Saitama Saishu Heiki who formed a band called SSH and then proceeded to create synth rock arrangements of popular video game music.
    SSH has done an incredible amount of arrangements, but only for the doujin scene. Their popularity to grew to such extent that SSH was able to create a compltely original soundtrack to a game called Lost Child. They've never been officially recognized as an arranger by a video game company. Well, not until the developer Gust (most notable for their long-running Atelier RPG series) let them arrange their Atelier Iris music into what became known as Atelier Iris: Deceitful Wings.
    And now they've done it again, with Atelier Iris 2: Red Lucifer Rising (of course from Gust's Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny). I'm loving it, btw.
    So yeah, SSH is excellent. No, they're beyond excellent. If you liked The Black Mages or have a fancy for some straghtout synth rock, give SSH a listen. You won't be dissappointed.
  5. Agozer
    Finally got Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth for the PC.
    This game is so seriously messed up, that Silent Hill gets second place at certain moments. I think I need to make a review.
    Play this game. I command it. It will steal your soul.
  6. Agozer
    Yes that's right, it seems that these spam accounts are at an all-time high now. Message board across the known internet get spam messages from *.ru addresses (and most notably from formar bloc countries) containing dating services, perscription drugs, e-mail spam or just blatant hack attempts. Boards that use phpBB seem to be these spambots' favorite although this "infection" spreads way beyond phpBB as well.
    1Emulation.Com is no exception. There is a good reason why we (administrators) screen and validate every single registration. Sites that have not taken such drastic measures as we have will get several new spam accounts each day (a couple of the more recent victims are the ZSNES Board and WhatTheBoat among others).
    All things considered, a poorly maintained board will attract spambots and hackers.
  7. Agozer
    That's right folks, it's up and running now. Enjoy, that's an order. Tons of new features and improvements, like this blog thingamajig, skins (but the majority of them don't work properly ). We will work out the few loose ends in the future.
    *Note to self:* This is the first blog you've ever written. Try not to make yourself look like a complete amateur.
    -Yeah right.
  8. Agozer
    Finished watching Pani Poni Dash! not so long ago. Totally hilarious and off-the-wall references to popular culture, movies, games, and books.
    Highly recommended.
    Next stop: Mai-Otome, maybe?
    Craving for yoghurt rising.
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