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  1. i thought i posted this before but..........i'm using epsxe and the sound is kinda messed up and goes faster than it should. also, the video sometimes is slow and choppy. the video plugins work correctly when i test them, but the sound and cd plugins don't say anything when i do. maybe my 863mghz and 120 ram has something to do with it. but i dont' understand anything in the config menu. thanks for any help

  2. yeah it works fine, thanks. sometimes it doesn't go but if i retry it'll do it. but now i can't download. some people have about 2 or 3 open slots and it doesn't go. i also tried dc++, but it's giving me connection timeout errors. sheesh, all this trouble for one game :P:P:D

  3. okay it's not much info. but all i know it's a game for nes. and it's a kind of adventure/action game. all i can remember is pictures (good help that is.) i do remembe that you start off an a map, you have to go from place to place and in those places you have to fight. (from what i remember, its a kind of weird game)


    i vaguely remember it from my nes days but i really liked the game. if anyone could name me some games that remotly resembles what i described i'd greatly apprciate it

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