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  1. :)


    I figured out the problem! Turns out that it was indeed related to where the mod chip was placed. Something must have hit the system hard enough when I had it in my trunk to make the metal side of the frame with the chip attached get "bent" inwards. Whenever it would touch the DVD drive, some sort of short must have happened, causing the chip to keep turning on and off. I finally caught this by removing the Xbox shell and turning the system on with the metal side bent a little back out, and it worked perfectly. Reattaching the shell caused it to do the same problem. So I bent back the side even more and put the shell back on, and it's working great. I may sand down the inside plastic from the Xbox outer casing though; I think the grooves on the inside were part of the problem causing it to press into the DVD drive more than it should be. But I'll most likely be buying that extra modded XBox my manager has; just seems like too good of a deal to pass up. :o




  2. Thanks to Prican, I got the hacked FBAX that has support for all the banned games. I didn't mess with this yesterday (KOF 2003...who cares about anything else?! :lol: ), but I am curious what I need to get those other games to show up on the list. Is it a specific set of ROMs?


    BTW, I like how FBA seems to be running games like Metal Slug 3, KOF 2000, and KOF 2001. I have NEVER been able to get those working on Kawa-X. Are they not supported or something?



  3. Okay, does this sound like it makes any sense about the problem I'm having?


    I opened up the Xbox, and right away, I see that the chip (or part of the chip?) is attached onto the left side of the metal casing, right next to the DVD ROM drive. The entire left metal side looks like it's been bent out; it's not making a straight line like the other sides of the metal casing box are. So I simply pushed the side in, and the system booted right up. If I pushed in too much, it wouldn't boot up, but making it straight again seems to have it working every time. I'm afraid to bend the metal with my hands, so I just took some very strong packing tape and taped it, and now it's working. :lol:; I'm about to put the cover back on, throw the system in a bag, walk around with it, and hook it up again and see if the tape keeps everything in place. If this isn't the solution, I will most likely be buying another modded system; I've got a fully-modded Neo Geo I'd like to sell that would cover the cost of it anyway.


    EDIT: I think it HAS to be related to the metal side of the Xbox. I took the tape off as it was making the chip get pushed in a little too tightly against the DVD drive after the cover was on, and just bent in the metal walls a little. Walked around with it, did a few small jumps, etc. Plugged it in, same problem. Just pressed in the side a tiny bit and it turned on again without ny era. I think I'm going to have to keep playing around with it, but I am convinced nothing has come undone and needs to be resoldered.



  4. Thanks, Prican. :ph34r: I think it is an X2 mod; "executor" sounds familiar.


    The chip seems to be dead now...looks like I got a good two hours of play time out of KOF 2003. :bat: But my manager at work wants to sell his modded Xbox off, so I'm probably going to just buy his off him.



  5. This is something that has been happening to me for about a month now. I'm not sure of the name of the chip, but part of it sticks out of the front of the system right under controller port #1. It has three switches and some of the wires are visible underneath them. I've always been worried that the exposed chip might lead to some problems, and seems to have.


    I bring my Xbox around with me to several places; usually during the week, it goes from my house, to work, to friends' houses, and back again. I've been using an Xbox carry case, and I think it's not safe enough for the chip, so I'm going to get rid of it.


    The problem that I've been having is that after the system gets moved (after a car ride, not after you just pick it up or something), and you try to turn it on, the system just turns on and off over and over or I get the red light. This is ONLY when the chip is turned on, not off, so I know it can't be my Xbox. However, if I press the chip in a little bit or move the wires a little, it then turns on without a problem. Tonight though, I was playing some games for an hour or so, and then when I went to reset, the system cut off and started acting up again, so it seems to be getting worse. It's working fine now, but I would like to know if anyone thinks something might be loose inside the system...I'm kind of afraid to open it up as I didn't mod the system myself.



  6. I'm a little lost here; can someone help me on this?


    I have the old FBA-X on my XBox (b3); when I replaced the default.xbe file, it just boots back to the evo x menu screen now when I try to load the emulator. Do I need FBA-X b4? If so, I have that downloading now.


    Regarding the rom, what do you do with the new "P Mame" file? Just throw it in with the other files in the KOF 2003 zip and zip it all up? Rename it to the P1? Please help!! :D



  7. N3o Ghost, you think it's something in the code that's causing the game to reset, right? Hopefully someone will figure it out.


    The way I see it, we're a hell of a lot closer to getting it working now than we've ever been; it's great to see someone say they're working on the game that you can actually BELIEVE is working on the rom and not just bullshitting. Thanks for your hard work....hopefully it's going to pay off soon!! :D



  8. it should work fine on mame so long you got the extra 64MB in your xbox.


    as for kawa-x you need to wait for the proper p1


    quick question, what rom did you use for kof2k3 on kawa-x?

    Prican, that emu can be downloaded from here:



    It has the rom set names included as well. Haven't tried it yet; no clue how playable (if at all) KOF 2003 is on that Kawa-X hack.


    I feel like we're never going to see this mythical P1 fix everyone keeps talking about. :huh:



  9. what would be the point of releasing a p1 that doesn't allow to even beat the game? i could understand if it was released for beta testing but theres no point in that now that its damn near complete, just wait for the proper p1

    If it works for everything else, like training and 2P, why not? Then we could play the game now and get the finished version whenever it's released, too.


    I just want to know when the finished P1 is getting released, if the whole thing about the guy working on it getting busted is real, etc.


    What's going on with this P1 and why is it taking so long to get released?



  10. This still seems hard to believe. Why would the police raid someone's house on an anonymous tip that they might have DUMPED A ROM? Threatening to be sued is one thing, but a raid...that quickly? With a warrant and everything? I don't know.


    Anyway, where's the "96% completed P1 hack"? Why not release that for now, or was it ever real in the first place?



  11. For a test, i splited the m1 (512kb) into 4 parts of 128kb...and i use the first part in Mame...and the sounds of kof2k3 work perfectly as same the m1 (512kb)...

    So, joining p1(4mb) and p2(4mb) for a file with 8mb...we can run the kof2k3 into the place of rotdn... B)

    So is this something that you'll be able to do and then upload the new files for us? :(



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