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  1. I have it but I haven't watched it though. I think they should make a ghetto dub of the movie like they did volcano high.

    Dubbing always destroy the quality of a movie/show. Take anime dubs for example. Try watching Naruto on Toonami and watch the non-dubbed originals and compare the two.


    For me it's subs all the way! I'm in to anti-dubbing....



    i saw it, didn't understand, haven't play the game, fighting was good but what's with the magic water at the end

    You should definitely play the game to understand it. The movie is targetted to FF7 fans anyways.


    when is the english version coming out ?

    It was supposed to be released last Sept. 14 but pushd back to November...

  2. I am not a big final fantasy fan after the 7 came out.


    For me this movie was much like the game. Lots of eye candy but it was very boring to sit through. I don't mind subtitles, in fact I watch at least 3-4 foreign movies a week. butwhile  I was watching this I just wanted it to be over. That rarely happends when I watch a movie. It's good for the FF7 fans though.

    You do know that saying something is boring is very offensive. It's far from being the same with the game.


    @Drake: Why DBZ? ^_^


    I watched the movie and was very happy! :thumbsup1:

    ...and I'm not much of an FF7 fan, FYI...



    ok i said the movie kinda sucked, so i guess i better state my reasoning. the story, was so rushed, and choppy, i didnt know what was goin on till near the end of the movie. also, the fighting was just too "perfect". everytime someone got hit hard or crashed into something, they always have to land on their feet in some fancy manner. it made the fight repetative, without showing strength from any character. and what was up with the motorcycles? ur gonna tell me ur gonna fight crazy like that and not show any signs of crashing or danger? slidng all over the highway was cool, but they did that for the whole chase scene. i guess what im tryin to say is that it was cheesey. nice, but cheesey. back to the fighting, the stuff was sooo fast that i didnt even know who got hit with what or if anyone got hit at all! it was fun to see, but it wouldve been nice to see someone actually getting tired or hurt at some point. and that last fight was anticlimatic. they slash this and that here and there and end it in like 5min or so. i still dont understand the importance of those kids. what else...the other characters hardly did anything. vincent was the only one who got a supporting role, and thats not sayin much since he didnt get to do much either. i just felt like it wasnt much of a movie, more like an episode of an anime.


    but, the graphics were beautiful. best cg i have ever seen. tifa was lookin really good i can at least admit that. im sure many of u liked it and im glad, at least someone did. i just expected more from a film that was hyped for a number of years now.


    You haven't played the game haven't you? This movie is targeted to fans. Only people who played the game will understand everything.

  3. the movie is freakin awesome,  i kept watching it  and was wanting to play it lol. if SE doesnt do a game from this on next gen they will be doing them selves a huge injustice. music is awesome, and the visuals are just plain breathtaking. its one of things to me at least  where even the bad stuff is good.

    First and foremost the movie is the sequel to the original game. Second, there's a 0% chance of this being a game since this was meant to answer all the questions that was left out from the game.

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