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  1. PSP all the way! Even though Sony products are EXTREMELY fragile, I'm gonna get it. It's the kind of portable many of us have been waiting for for over 13 years! As far as the DS goes, you can't compare a nintendo 64 to a slightly underpowered PS2. Apples & oranges! BUT I do plan to get a DS also, simply because it has titles that the PSP will NEVER see.

  2. I just recently downloaded a copy of WinMugen yesterday. It's pretty cool in comparison to the DOS version, but I can't figure out how to make the character limit patch work. I'm not quite sure how to apply it.

    If anyone can help me out with this, I'd appreciate it.

  3. Ok, I have a new problem. The other day I downloaded Dead or alive LE (echelon rip) from S.nova, because I gave up on trying to fix my old file. This one is an alcohol file that has an mdf & a mds file, but when I click on the mds file to burn it, it says unsupported file format. Due to my limited experience with alcohol based files I'm guessing that the mds file acts like a glorified cue sheet. So is there any way for me to get around this? I'm willing to hack my arse off if I have to 2 get this thing to work.

  4. I have a couple of things to say about our beloved prez. First of all, he has priority problems. He finds time to voice his concerns on gay marriages while our men & women are being slaughtered in his BS war.

    Second, There is actual documentation of Bush's initial response to the 9/11 attacks. On the morning of the attacks, little Bush was at an elementary school (as he should) being entertained by kids as they read stories to him. Shortly after, Bush recieved a message from one of his people saying that a plane had just slammed into the WTC. His response was " Man...that's a bad pilot." Then he went back to the classroom to listen to more reading. A few minutes after that, one of his people pulled him aside and said " Mr president we are under attack!"

    Upon realizing this, his demeanor changed, yet he still sat down to listen to more reading. After the reading, the president jokingly complemented the students on their reading skills, and left the school to be briefed.


    That's all for now, but incase you were wondering, this story gets alot worse.


    I know exactly what I'll be doing this November.

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