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  1. ok so i got a homebrew game called jelly car for psp, when i try to run it, it says the game could not be run,


    do i have to be emulating a firmware to run this, if so what version, how to install, where to get.



    I brother knew everything about this psp, then he when off to the army and left it for me to have, but i know nothing please help


    i have an original 1.5 psp

  2. I have 1.5, and i wanna know of the best custom firmware out there, also a legit download link would be nice,


    I want to also be able to play ps1 games on my psp and i have a few questions,


    since i have 1.5 is there just a psx emulator i could get.

    If i am correct i need the ps1 game discs,

    and do i need hot shots golf or any umd?

  3. :(:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:


    ok I need a dvd ripper that rips dvds to avi, or any other format that batch dpg can convert to dpg. someone please help me because i need a good ripper. It would also be nice if it was able to compress the file.


    I have a 2 hour dvd I want to end up with 500mb or less.


    and I need the ripper to be able to bypass copyright protection.


    ----thank you----



  4. did i see someone post call of duty 4, i did not know that is on wii. if it is im probably geting on comp instead ne ways, but games that i like on wii r.


    brawl - is gonna be awesome

    resident evil 4 - is a classic

    call of duty 3 - rented it pretty fun

    excite truck - this game is so much fun if you like truck racing and unrealistic jumps lol

    guitar hero 3 - looks cool

    zelda - only game i own on wii and it is crazy fun, but gets annoying when tough stuck on temples


    and i heard the new need speed is aweomse but i have not tryed out yet


    also heard moh 2 is cool.

  5. screenblast movie studio by sony, i love this program but u need a good hard drive, it lagged on my 60gb hard drive 2mb buffer, but that drive was a piece of junk. i am yet to try it on my new 160gb hard drive.


    so it should work fine but, $100. but i got it like 3 years ago so i don't know what the price is now, they have different versions but i have scrennblast movie studio 3.0


    good luck!

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