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Fighting Game Series: Engine Concept




So yeah. Posting random characters from First General (current title I've been using for this project, also it expands as well with # General). Expect one every few days. Bio includes full name, age, sex, date of birth and locations, their Arcane Power and a small summer of what it does, personality, backstory, moves and physical description. Perhaps you can catch a trend I tend to do after reading a few mangas.


But, to start it off. Concepts of the engine, perhaps the screen and selection screen as well.


System Direction

I used winkawaks' picture thingy. (going to be uploaded)


8 Way Stick + A B C D E buttons


A = LP

B = HP

C = LK

D = HK



Taunt | D+E

Dash/Run (Character depending) | →,→

Dash Back/Dodge (Character depending) | ←,←

Super Jump Cancel | ↑,↓,↑

Parry | Tap →

Block | Hold ←

FORCE | Press E


Universal Launcher | C+D

Throw | A+B, A+B+→ or ←

Throw Tech | A+B


Everyone takes damage at different rates, but all have the same amount of stamina (10,000).

Everyone takes stun differently.

Everyone's gaurd crush is different.

Everyone has a 2 to 4 Arcane Stock (A seperate bar, looking similar too AURA Gauge in Hokuto no Ken)

Everyone has 2 Stocks for SUPER/PERFECT/PERFECT+ Arts. Normals, wiffs and moves that connect build up meter.


Parrying is ripped right off from Street Fighter III. But is more akin too MOTW's Just Defend for timing, does NOT recover health.


Normals = Command Normals, like →+A for example.

Arts = Run of the mill speical moves.

Super = Similar to EX moves (from SF3) or ES moves (from Vampire), uses part of the power bar

Perfect = Uses 1 whole power bar. Similar to "Super Arts" or "Desperation Moves."

Perfect+ = Some PERFECT ARTs can do more damage, but are harder to connect. (Ex: Oro being able to EX his Supers in SFIII or similar to Melty Blood with the C-button attacks)


Screen knock back is SUPER ART & PERFECT ART determined. Gravity system forces characters to get pushed back every hit for no one getting corner trapped.


FORCE button is something very similar too the "Homing" Button found in Arcana Heart. It is used to cancel out of normals or moves not normally allowed to be canceled into and requires 1 Arcane stock. The Arcana Stock refills after each round and can be used as a breaker into canceling a high damaging chain into a Perfect+. Which would be impossible without the use of the FORCE Button. There are limits however, it cannot cancel Perfect or Perfect+ moves and it cannot be used in succession with each other in one chain(LP -HP-LK-FORCE-LK-FORCE-ART is wrong, LP-LP-HK+→-FORCE-HP+→-PERFECT is the correct way). Also, it can make a character recover quicker when knocked down.


The FORCE button can also be used as a "Burst" button to break out from chains and combos but not PERFECT or PERFECT+ ARTs.


Chains: Ok, SFIII moment again, this is something like LP-HK-HP+→. That's a chain


Combos: Combos are command normals that can go cancel into other normals, into a chain or into a SUPER, PERFECT and PERFECT+ ART. Combos lose damage overall due to canceling. This is also is affected by FORCE as well.



That's the end of System Direction. Expect concepts to be updated here.


As cheap as it looks, it's a concept!



Controls! (yes there are some differences, but it's esscentally the same)





Edit: it's feedback runned. I'll only post out of interest of there is demand for more. Even 1 person. Don't stay silent you fu ckers.


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Seems interesting. Not my cup of tea though. Is it 2d or 3D. Comes off as a mix. If the characters and fighting styles are interesting I would give it a shot. Post more. Give details of characters and fighting style they use.

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