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Writing Woes



I've got alot on my plate right now.


3 Stories and tons of games to finish.


Resident Evil: Before Infection - Non-canon story about an RPG I used to play last year, "Part 1"


Arcanium Stadium - The "Current" title of the story I'm working on. On hold until me and drawer can beat some games, or until I get sick of said games and go back to writing. I've written about 8 and half chapters. Trust me, it's all script format. So you try writing 30 chapters worth of mostly dialogue.


and finally


Dark Times unto Dark Bloodlines - A story based in White Wolf's World of Darkness series of tabletop RPGs, totally non-canon, using some characters I created up for an RPG that I've just about started.


And then theres all those games on the left over there that need beating. I've blasted my way through Marvel and still working on beat all the comic missions AND on hard mode AND unlocking everyones costumes. I've managed to put a good 29 hours into it so far. Theres also Heroes of Might & Magic V + Hammers of Fate. No time to live anymore. AND THEN Theres the slight possbility of a family memeber staying over for a really long time and he's bringing nearly all of his lifestyle with him. But we get along pretty well and he's gonna get me some if you know what I mean. He's pimp, and we might get XBL Gold, so all our woes and online madness shall continue in Xbox format.


Enough life. Back to brainstorming and having sleepless nights due to video games and writing. It's amazing I also lurk the fourms at the same time. How do I do this? Easy, no job, no school and no band until Feb due to everyone else having mid terms.


/s/ don't fail me now.


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