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uBee512 5.2.0 released

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uBee512 v5.2.0

An emulator for the Microbee Z80 ROM, FDD and HDD based microcomputers.

New for this release:
* Added sn76489an Digital Complex Sound Generator (DCSG) Programmable Sound Generator IC emulation.
* Added the EA Compumuse board emulation as a parallel port peripheral device, this project was described in the August, 1983 issue and is based on the TI 76489 sound synthesiser IC.
* Added arguments 'sn76489' and 'sn76489init' to the --hardware option to enable SN76489 sound IC emulation for the Premium model.
* Added the Compumuse parallel port device argument of 'compumuse' to the --parallel-port option to select the new device emulation.
* Added options --compumuse-init and --compumuse-clock for configuring the Compumuse peripheral device.
* Added --disk-create option for the creation of disk images.

* The dynamic creation of '.temp' disk images now attempts to use LibDsk if compiled in, if not available or it fails the built in disk image creation is attempted. LibDsk allows other disk formats and types to be created.

* Fixed creation of '.temp' file images by writing out the full size as determined by the raw format extension as the files were not growing as expected.
* Fixed --db-dump* options to output all ASCII characters if in the range of 32-126.
* Fixed call to dsk_xwrite() by passing '0' instead of '(int)NULL' for the last parameter.

Download here


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