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[11/22/03] Age Of Mythology

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Game: Age of Mythology/Expansion The Titans
System: PC
Emulators: None

Ahhh, I planned to write a review every other day, but I missed my last one :D So I'll write one today, my b-day ;) anyways, on with the review.

Has anyone ever played Age of Empires 1 or 2? These are great strategy games by microsoft, and next in the line would be Age of Mythology. This is a very good strategy/war game. As in Age of Empires 1 or 2, you control your armies which you build with the available resources you have. In Age of Mythology, they added a nice twist to it by adding god powers. The god powers come from the various gods you choose for your people to worship. You start out worshipping one main god (there are 3 from Greek, 3 from Egyptian, and 3 from Norse. Also there is 3 from the Atlantean mythology with the expansion). Just like in Age of Empires 1/2, you upgrade through the ages, but at each upgrade you must choose between 2 minor gods to worship. These gods will give you more god powers. The higher the age, the stronger the power will get usually. There are many modes in the game you can play, but the main 3 are campaigns, multiplayer, and single player against the cpu.

Posted Image

This is game may be a bit confusing to summarize. In a single player game, you start out usually with a town center, which is your main building, and a few villagers. The villagers are a vital part to any town. They are not the best fighters, but they build and gather resources so that your town may grow. You will need these resources to build more buildings, upgrade through times, build armies, etc. Resource gathering requires some patience, but the more upgrades you get for resource gathering, the faster your resources come in. As with usually all strategy games, patience is a virtue. It may be hard to wait for your army to be built, so if your very impatient, I don't really recommend this game, but you still might want to try it out.

Posted Image

Each race (Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Atlantean) have their own units and buildings. Many buildings are the same however. Atlantean race is only available with the AOM expansion pack which is called The Titans. Each race has their own advantages. One's units may be weak but fast, and anothers may be strong but expensive. Basically, you just have to try out each race, and find which one suits your needs. Then, when you find out which one you like the most, you develop fighting strategies, and will eventually become a great leader of your armies. This game is great to play over long periods of time. Each game usually lasts around an hour. This may sound boring, but its usually pretty fun. A great thing about AOM is that its multiplayer mode has its own server, similar to Starcraft's You won't need to use MSN gaming zone like you did in Age of Empires.

This is a great game for anyone who is interested in mythology, strategy based games, or just wants a good game to play. As for prices here in the U.S., last time I checked I believe AOM itself was still $50, but it could have dropped to $40. The expansion pack was $30, but sometimes you can find it for cheaper.

Speed - 9
Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 9
Sound - 10

Overall Score - 9.5
Grade - A

Overall I give this game a :lol:

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