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[2/3/03] Metal Slug X

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    Emsley here. That's right.

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Game: Metal Slug X
System: NeoGeo
Emulators: Nebula, WinKawaks, NeoRageX
Reviewed By: Emsley

This is a game developed by those geniuses SNK.

First of let me just say one thing about this game, It rulez to the high heavens.
No matter what I say or write down I cannot give full justice to the beauty,time and effort that went into the making of this game. If I owned the cart I would just put it up in a gold frame on my bedroom wall and pray for 20 minutes a day before I left my house. It's that good folks, it really is.

Posted Image

Ok so this is metal slug 2 but with steroids and hard core chunks of of slapped on nuculer warheads. It is a remake of metal slug 2 but like I said its got add ons. :)

Game Play
It's more or less identical to its previous installments, but a lot more thought out this time round. You can actually live from a entire screen of nasty's attacking you, which you do in the others as well, but I'm struggling to start this review.
Why change a winning formula? Why fix something that is not broke in the first place simple you do not have to? Because it's as good as it gets in this installment! Hell, I'm that eager for other people to play this. I might even put up a link to the ROM, because you deserve to play this game, you really do. Ok so you will be running along full pelt with the heavy machine gun kicking out. All she's got mowing down everything that gets in your way is monsters and like I said nasty's, Identify it and kill it. That's it! There are new features to this release. I like the awesome introduction of the superb harrier jump jet on level two which you get to chose the slug[tank] or the jump jet for the end level boss. In metal slug 2 you only got the tank and it is simply overflowing with stuff which I can't believe they could pump out this kind of stuff from the ageing of NEOGEO console[MVS board].
All said and done and this is game is truly great and there are no annoying niggles because this game is perfect for me anyways.

Posted Image

Oh my god, this is were it simply puts you in a super sonic jet fighter then flies you up to the ozone and ejects you out of orbit. Brilliant perfect outstanding smack you in the face with a lead pipe. There are many games on the NEOGEO that shine and look awesome, this however, blows away all competition, then puts the left over threw a meat grinder then steams it in a pot then burns all the left over and feeds it to the bears which then poo it into a bag chopped up with razors[if thats your thing] then simplie cracks the core of the atoms so nothing is left in its wake!! :D The levels are awesome and the new 3 charecters[considering im reviewing this before metal slug 2] are all brilliantly animated and overflowing with charecter. Right from the character select screen, whoever you chose, pick marco and his face winces like he's thinkin...not again....brilliant little touches like that.
You start on the desert level and yes its different to metal slug 2, the end boss is like a big great dirty tank compared to the hovering plane thing you got in ms2.
Every little section in each level has something that is added to make your trigger finger ache. Harder helicopters while enemies attack from both sides, arriving on there tank truck mixes and bailing over it all to get at you. New enemies like aliens and squishy head type things are added. Also there are dog type mummy things which are highly annoying because there at crouch level to kill. Pick up the shotgun, power up, and lace 3 oncoming mummies and watch them fly.....
And as for the bosses well....they dont come much better than these babies (refer to screenshots). Level five I belivee sees you pitted against oncoming trains....this is simply an outstanding moment in my gaming history.....Hope you got the heavy machine gun at least koz the train[s] aint gonna stop untill there pulvarised buy your trigger finger. And not forgetting the level two boss that eats a tower while you leg it up the bloody thing.

Posted Image

A big improvement other the original, every weapon you shoot right to the impact on the enemies has a different sound effect to add to the mix, the wailing guitar the moody xylaphone on level two. Its all plucky and suits the game completely.
Not much to say really apart from, enjoy.
Posted Image

Why wouldn't you want to come back to this game? I play whenever I get the chance or I have not first the data on my hard drive hehe. Good luck in finishing in under 30 continues and thats if your not a slug veteran. I heard there's a site that shows you in real time MPEG the best techniques on how to survive bosses?
BAH I dont need that, just let me at em, I got infinite continues!!!! You may tire of the game and you probably will, but i guarentee you will come back for more if you love the shooters. This takes all comers and even the awesome probotector on the snes[contra] and punches its lights out.

Just get the game man you need it!! :wink:

Game Play: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

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