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ZiNc 1.0


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Awesome. G-Darious is cool as is, but with sound too... now that's something worth waiting for.


Not to mention that now I can finally enjoy every game at thanks to full 60/60 emulation speed.

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Zinc 1.0.2 released :lol:



- Reversed Qsound channels.

- Tekken 3 now runs. Yes, I know it sounds like hell. Turn your speakers off.

- sfexp reparented as per MAME 0.88u3, the new US version is the parent.

- Added the release date to the description of all Capcom games so you can tell the difference between the 2 US sets of sfexp.

- Fixed misidentified sfex2p-series sets.

- Added player 2 controls for Konami GV games.

- Fixed graphical issue in Bloody Roar 2.

- (Linux) libs11player.so now can also be in the LD search path. This is helpful for frontends.


Everything else is just like 1.0.1. And yes, the Konami change means Winterblast has to update again :lol: And if you like the BR2 fix, send smf a beer.

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