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King of Fighters Special Editon 2004


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something about KOF2K4se


check out this site there some kof2k4se file parts DL and check it out


(i dont know if there are roms or ips patch) just tell me what it is ?


oh yeah the site is not in english, but it is not hard to find it  ;)




Moderator's Edit: the site hosts rom images, linking to it is against the rules.


Why did you re-add that link? Are you trying to get banned??


@DragonKeeper -- I'll see if I can figure out the problem.


Here's a fixed page (I forgot to add a few things :D )


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Oh please you readded the link Even after another moderator removed it and even told you it is not allowed.


well. i didnt know if it is a ips or a rom link in the 1st place (read what


i said in the brackets),and when i saw that my link name was


changed... i thought then that i had some error or something..and at


that same moment i didnt read anything below the link....and i really


didnt mean to break any rules... anyway sorry...*Sigh*

Edited by James
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Since you can still post, that mean they still haven't banned you

Just be more careful. You can do so secretly though  by PM 




okay (if it wont break the rules)...

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NightMareX, it doesn't hurt to read the rules every so often. Now, I don't want to see you banned yet, since you've "settled in" quite nicely.


Just know beforehand what kind of links you are posting. If any of the mod's (whether it'd be me, james etc.) removes the link, do not re-add it.


btw, the warning system is still borked.


Back on topic now.

Edited by Agozer
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