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King of Fighters Special Editon 2004


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NightMareX, it doesn't hurt to read the rules every so often. Now, I don't want to see you banned yet, since you've "settled in" quite nicely.


Just know beforehand what kind of links you are posting. If any of the mod's (whether it'd be me, james etc.) removes the link, do not re-add it.


btw, the warning system is still borked.


Back on topic now.


okay....Affirmative :D


KyokugenKiss ---> sorry for the off topic :)


Back on topic now. :lol:



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Need to ask.

Any changes from 2002? Any character moves modified? Or is there nothing else aside from new backgrounds?

There are no changes except for the background and some graphical alterations, AFAIK.

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Help, somebody! I have no Idea of what to do....gaa!!Damn I have never been so lost in my life! I don't know what





is, It's also all fake so don't worry bouts the stupid coding! Help!

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