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eye toy as a pc webcam?


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Don't know much about them. But I'm technically inclined.

First off, you would need drivers written specifically for it, as it isn't designed for PC.

Secondly, how does one know it functions as a camera, and not just a motion detector?

Even if it does function as a camera, it would probably offer worse quality than any cam made for use on a PC.

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is it possible to use your eye toy as a webcam on your pc it shows up as a cam but you need some drivers or something...










How to get your EyeToy working as a webcam; - Thanks to Five5v for telling me about this :P




Use drop down boxes to locate drivers for;

D-Link DSB-C310 (Rev B1)

Download driver from D-Link


Unzip to a folder

Go to folder, locate OV519.inf,

Right click file,

Properties>Untick 'Read Only'


Open OV519.inf in Notepad






VID_054C&PID_015X (X referring to what sairuk says http://sairuk.toythieves.com/eyetoy/ <-- here.

Select 'Replace All'

Save OV519.inf


Then, plug your Eye Toy into the USB port, wait for it to be recognised and

install the drivers' in the normal way using the Have Disk option at the

prompt and the modified OV519.inf file.

(double check which drivers you're installing as my Win2k attempted

to install its own driver)


During the installation, you'll get a system box with ???? in it...this is

the 50Hz/60Hz option setting. I set it to 50Hz for now.

That's it.

The software to view the webcam output is included in the driver pack...

AMCAP.EXE, Options>Tick Preview

You should now get a picture of whatever your EyeToy is pointed at



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Secondly, how does one know it functions as a camera, and not just a motion detector?

Part of the appeal of the eye-toy is that you can see yourself on the screen. We used to set one up on a demo system at my work, but hide the camera part amongst a display, and then watch people's reactions as they realized that, not only were they on the screen, but that fireworks were exploding on them or something similiarly silly.


The quality didn't look too bad on a TV, as long as you had it focused right. I'm not sure how well it would turn out on a monitor if you were expecting any amount of resolution.


Let me know how it works out..

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What the hell? When EyeToy first came out and i got one, i just plugged it into my WinXP system and it worked perfectly. I have a Creative Webcam and a Logitech, and the eyetoy works fine in the Creative Software. The webcam works much better than the 80 dollar Logitech, and ALOT better than the 30 dollar Creative.

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