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News was announced that the fillers have an end in site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the quote is from www.leafninja.com


Caution, some manga spoilers follow! To everyone’s joy this weeks Jump does indeed confirm that the fillers will end this Spring and the series gets a brand new name! Here’s more from Pazuzu!:


Naruto’s going for a brand new start in February, with a new title for its new part: ナルト:疾風伝 / Naruto Shippuu-den, or Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles.


The new title apparently coincides with Naruto being a Wind Element user. In addition next Summers movie will be a timeskip movie under this new “Hurricane Chronicles” banner.




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Yes, I'm digging up the thread for a change.


What's the first episode considered to be a filler and which episode is no longer a filler?


I'm just asking out of interest.

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