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[7/27/04] Guilty Gear X2: The Midnight Carnival#R

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Game: Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival #RELOAD


System: Arcade, PS2, Xbox, PC


Emulators: None! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA.


(All screenshots here are from the PC version)


The sequel to the ever so popular arcade game Guilty Gear X. Guilty Gear XX #RELOAD brings to the table an updated version of the already great Guilty Gear XX arcade game. This game brings game fixes and tweaks that were found in the original version. The storyline is essentially the same as the original Guilty Gear XX game. The whole game it self hasn’t changed that much over GGXX. Although some tweaks are for the better, Sol’s Dust Loop has been giving tightened timing restraints and Robo-Ky has completely changed as a character. What you knew him in GGXX is completely different in #RELOAD.


When I imported this game, I had the options to change the music in the game, which is missing in the Japanese versions of the PS2, Xbox and PC version. The Korean soundtrack is much different from the current soundtrack that is used in those specific versions. I was saddened when the PC version did not have the option to change the music(nothing like re-encoded the #reload soundtrack into OGG for it). Since I find some of it much better than the current tracks on the original GGXX. Gladly in the *American version of this game (which is brought over by the lovely folks at Majesco, makers of the vampire-action game “BloodRayne”) has the option to change the music. When doing so, gone are the tracks such as “Writhe in Pain” & “Momentary Life” and are replaced with “The Great Empress” & “Crash and Burn.” These songs made by Korean rock band N.EX.T for the special edition Robo-Ky Metallic Box set are both available on the Korean and American versions of #reload. While some tracks aren’t that bad, or are bad, some you’ll grow liking too is “Blacklight Babe,” which is I-No’s theme and “Starchaser,” Sol’s theme. But if you dislike some or most of N.EX.T’s rock theme replacements, you can always change them. But I bet some of you will grow into liking them. The music is also very high-quality in the PC version. Using High-quality Vorbis OGG, it throws the music very well and very clear.


Also included in the Korean version is an extra level created for the Korean market (Can someone confirm this new level in the American version?). The level is very colourful and well blended with it's colour pallet.


The first game to utilize high-resolution sprites to give the effect of higher detail is amazing. The color pallet is in credible, but I can’t bear to some backgrounds that look washed out (May’s level seems to be a great example) a great example of color would be the Forest Level (Dizzy/Bridget’s stage), which has nice shades of green. And most character’s Instant Kill animations seem beautiful and flawless. Animation is top notched, but I feel like it will never compare SF3’s hand drawn animations. At times it seems that high-resolution is a bad thing since it shoots out odd looking objects (the smoke at times looks like a blob!) at times, but overall, the graphics and effects are great.


What first attracted me to the GG series was the odd and strange character design. When I played it on my DC the first time, it had great game play and fell in love with a certain long haired character that was both beautiful and deadly. The game play in this game is top notched and is amazingly played out. The dust button is now located on a new button and the basic Punch/Kick/Slash/Heavy Slash are on the standard button 4 buttons. Moves are incredibly easy to pull and the controls are very responsive.


If you’re planning to get the PC version (because your cheap) for the storyline, avoid it completely. Since it’s very heavy on Japanese reading. #RELOAD is a hit or miss game. If you haven’t picked it up yet, get it #Reload, but for those who own the original GGXX, just stick with it, unless you’re into competitive play, it isn’t worth it.








Minimum Hardware:

800MHz CPU, 128MB, 64MB video card, DX8.1, Soundblaster Live Enabled card, Keyboard + Mouse, 2.0 GB for installation.

Reviewer’s Hardware:

1.4GHz P4, 384 MB, 9800 Pro 128MB, 4.1 Surround Sound, DX9.0B, Windows XP Pro with SP2 RC2 Build 2225, a controller ;)

Something about the PC version, The Config Menu is completely in japanese, so your kinda screwed if you know which is which.


Controls: 10

Game Play: 9

Graphics: 8

Sound: 9


Overall Score: 9.5


Grade: A


*This review is based on the PC & Korean PS2 Version.

*The “American version” is also known as the “Majesco version”

*Since everyone knows I have a certain hate towards this game, I put that aside and reviewed this fairly.


Overall I give this game a <_<

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Nice game, so so little is new compared to GGXX. Oh well.

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Nice review. I was glad to see your bias didn't make it into it. :lol:

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What is the resolution of Guilty Gear XX Reload? I thought it was 640x480 but someone told me that it was 1024x768. Is it really that high? Also is it required that you have 32mb vram to run the game or is it just a recommendation. Will the game run on 16mb vram?

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No, it's not 1024x768. It just changes your screen resoulution, there is an option so you can switch it so it has black boarders around it while the real screen resoulition is in the middle. I do not know if there is a windowed mode or not, because i can't be arsed intro exploring a config I don't understand AT ALL i might add. This game is a tad big system instensive on the graphics side, using a video card is better. I based the Minimum requirement on Melty Blood, which, looks like #reload for a doujin game.

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good review , i also like this game , very cool gameplay ,fast n kewl ActIon , also i found a little patch that turn the config menu into english



also there is a savegame that unlock the 2 secret fighters



copy savegame in /backupdate and go in options Load if u dont got autosave ON


both filez are from www.neogamez.net/



i also heard that GGX Isuka will come to the PC is that right?

Edited by Barran

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Well, right now, that is a rumor.

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The music is also very high-quality in the PC version. Using High-quality Vorbis OGG, it throws the music very well and very clear.

The music certainly doesn't sound high quality to me, its encoded at 44kbps @ 22KHz.


It sounds very muffled, especially with bass heavy tracks such as Blood Stained Lineage.


Heck, the music directory is only 34MB :unsure: compared to the > 1GB sound file for the PS2 GGXX#R which is completely uncompressed 48KHz ADPCM :D


I also have the Korean #Reload for PS2, I think the Korean soundtrack is awesome but I don't really like the Korean voices so I set the Music to K and the rest to J.


The Great Empress is one of my favorite tracks in the Korean ST, I think its better than the J version.


Last I heard, Majesco were butchering all the Korean stuff in the US XBOX version.


Have you got a link to deny this rumor and to confirm what you are saying?

Edited by Vegeta

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