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Update: In an ironic twist, we have now received notice that the HD Loader guys were charged with COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT themselves, and to make matters even more interesting it appears the folks behind HD Loader were none other than DMS Video Game Technologies PTE Ltd One thing we can say for certain... if they thought they were Limited before- just wait for $ony to get through with them!


If you are currently a HD Loader distributer who's frustrated with their latest LEGAL warning, or if you are an end-user who simply feels 'SGypped' by the ever-expanding compatability issues of HD Loader then you may want to gear up for the upcoming HD Advance instead!


Similar to HD Loader, HD Advance is a commercially-pressed PS2 HDD Utility that allows the user to install and load game discs using the HDD! In addition, with the aid of a Flip-Top Cover or Slide Card, the HD Advance can install and play PS2 back-up and import game discs as well.


We received notice today of our HD Advance sample being shipped today, and as always we will provide our visitors with a complete run-down on the product details, retailers, and pricing including ALL of its new features! If you're a vendor looking to ditch HD Loader and market HD Advance instead, feel free to contact us for the relevant info today. Finally, look for updates to come right here, and also for our dedicated HD Advance support Web site grand opening soon!

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I dont understand how hdadvance can be a commercial product unless they are sucking on sonys balls. Being able to play imports means they can play burned games dont it? wouldnt that mean that sony would never back something like that? wierd, some lady was askin me for this the other day and I didnt know what she was talking about. yay for the information superhighway

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